Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall 2012 Nail Art Trends

I briefly went over one trend here but I wanted to expand on the subject. There are about 7 major nail trends this Fall and I know you'll love them all. These trends were seen on the Fall 2012's models' nails multiple times. They're fun, seasonal, and call for a change in the classics.

Dark, stormy, and vamp colors do well in matte style. If you don't want to buy all new colors in matte finish, pick this up to matte all your old favorites.

Shiny metallic nails, especially silver, are big this season. You can go full out metal or paint only the tips of the nails for a metallic finish.

Duo Colors
Instead of sporting one solid color, now we're seeing multiple colors on each nail or hand. The first image is also an example of a French Twist (look below). This trend leads to a large array of creative ideas that you can't go wrong with.

French Twists
We're changing up a classic and it's been real fun doing so! More colors and materials (look below) have been added and it's not all neutral and proper.

Added Material
We're not just changing up the color, why not go bold and add texture and material? The leather look is superb as well as the fishnet tips in picture two.

Creamy Nudes
If you're feeling for a more classic preppy look, try the creamy sugary nudes out today! Add a little
sparkle or keep it clean and simple. This is a great alternative to the popular dark vamp look. 

 Polka Dots
 Polka dots are also a trend in clothing. The icon white on black or white on navy are classics that will rightfully never go away. If you're tired of seeing white dots, try a white background and colorful dots.

Little Extra Something!

Whether you do your nails at home or get them done professionally, eventually the polish will chip or smear. Unfortunately, it tends to happen a lot sooner than we like. I have the latest expert advice on how to make your polish last AND list of manicure destroyers.

Make Polish Last

Nix the soak -  Water undermines manicure because nails absorb water therefore changing its shape. Later, when the water evaporates the shape returns back to normal, leaving stress to the polish. 

Extra layers - About 4 hours after getting a manicure or doing your nails, apply an extra top layer. Repeat at least twice a week to keep your nails looking fresh. Remember that with each new layer, patience!

Patience - You really do need 25 minutes for polish to set and fully dry. Those quick dry top coats are no good because only the top layer will dry first which means nails can still get smear.

Manicure Destroyers 

Hand Lotion - Lotions high in alcohol (pretty much all of them) damage nails because it makes the color dull while slowly stripping off the top coat.

Heat - No folding warm laundry or cooking on a hot oven for you! Poor ;) Like alcohol, heat from laundry and stove softens the polish and dulls color. 

Scrubs - Exfoliaters remove dead skill cells and  can also weaken or remove polish. If you must use an exfoliater, try sporting gloves for the application.

Stickers - Removing anything sticky like stickers, price tags, tape, etc. can do a number on your manicure. You can have chips and polish removal while trying to scratch off an annoying piece of tape.


Elisa said...

Thanks for sharing these. Great to see some trends in one post. my favorite would be the matt and the nude. I'm actually wearing black nails right now :)

<3 Elisa

Stephanie Lam said...

I didn't know that soaking would be bad!! Do you have any other recommendations? I feel like if I don't soak my nails though I won't be able to remove all the cuticles and dry skin!! Great post! PS. I'd love it if you could come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


trishie said...

Love these trends. My favorite is the french twist. So chic!

Sara Nail said...

LOVE LOVE them all!
I also have a blog and it's about NAILS!
Please visit, and hope we can share more!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

These patterns are really beautiful.

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