Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Is For Neon

One of summer's loudest and best trends is neon colors. In every clothing store that I've been to all I see are neon colors and I'm loving it. Adding a little or a lot of neon to your summer outfits is the way to go and might I add, it's so much fun to wear. The colors makes me feel young, vibrant, light, and well, summer-y. If I could I would spend $100s on cute and fabulous neon things but come on, who really has $100s to spend on the latest summer trend? I sure don't. In search for affordable and fab neon, this is what I found.

1. necklace 2. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Shark-Lock Pouch 3. Sephora Eyeshadow Pink Fuscha  4. American Apparel Neon Nail 7 Set

1. Charlotte Russe Refuge Neon Blue Shorts 2. Forever 21 High-Rise Neon Shorts 3. Urban Outfitters BDG Neon Lime Mid-Ride Jeans  4. Forever 21 Neon Green Skinnies

Dresses & Skirts
1.Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Silky Neon Shirtdress 2. 3. Pinterest 4. TopShop Knitted Utility Sport Skirt 5. TopShop Button Through Mini Skirt

1. Target Mossimo Colorblock Pink Envelope Clutch 2. Target Xhilaration Green Crossbody 3. Target Xhilaration Yellow Neon Belt Bag 4. Target Xhilaration Orange Neon Print Tote

1. Target Journee Multi-colored Peep Toe Platform Heel 2. H&M Orange and pink sandals 3. Aldo Tozer w/ Neon Pink Sole  4. Aldo Nealey Neon Pink

How will you add neon to your wardrobe?
What's your favorite neon color? 
(mine is yellow & pink)


dana @ wonder forest said...

Ohh i love the sandals!
if i had to choose, neon coral is always awesome ;)
xo dana

Clara Turbay said...

Fabulous blog! Come to see my new post today!

Sam said...

Neons are so fun and playful. The trend hasn't hit SA as yet, I simply cannot wait for it to. Lovely selection of lumo items. That yellow bag...wowee!

SomeKindOfStyle said...

just adore those neon looks..xo

betty said...

i love the necklace ... cant get enuf of neon xx

Minna said...

Wonderful colors! =)

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May Giveaway with Shabby Apple

SABINNA and DAVID said...

love the shoe selection!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

sameer said...

thank you for sharing

ghulam sarwar said...

nice work

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