Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Hunt Is On

I've always admired and slightly envied women who could pull off leather skinny pants. They're edgy, fierce, and are the personification of cool. I've been on a quiet half-ass mission to find one good pair of leather skinnys but search hasn't been successful. I admit, I have a tricky body to dress: 5'1'', 130-134lbs and it's all in the hips and thighs (thanks Ma). It's been difficult finding a good quality pair that fits right and doesn't cost an arm and leg (pun so intended!). Now it's personal, the hunt is on full fledged and I'm ready to find that perfect pair!

If you know of any stores or brands that might be the ones, PLEASE let me know! Until I find them, lets look with wishful longing and slight envy at the beautiful women and their leather skinnys below.

Pinned Image

        Have you ever had an obsession with finding a certain piece?
Did you ever find it?


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Try at Zara, they have a lot of models, maybe you will find something that you will like :).

Regina Lily said...

I am dying for a pair too. Must find...

Sam said...

I love how the leather skinny pants trend looks on these ladies, and I know you will rock it too! Loved the third image most. Hmm, have you tried the usual stores, Forever 21, Zara or maybe Nastygal online will have it?

Cheryl Hurley said...

I tried SO HARD to love the silly ones at Target, but it just didn't work for me. Unfortunately I think I'll have to try on every pair of leather leggings I consider! I too have an odd body.. I like to call it a "sprinter's body"--thick, muscular legs, long torso.. Lovely. But will that keep me from leather leggings? No way.

The Stylist Quo

Shubana Koss said...

I feel ya! My hips are a bit narrow so I don't have the hour glass figure it sometimes takes to pull off those super tight leather skinnies but I did find a faux pair at forever21 that were thicker, supple and had pockets (they looked like slacks!). I loved them to death but they didn't have my size left :/
My search continues... :P
Love, Shushu

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