Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Sugary Fashion

I have a secret to share with you, I love candy! I love sour, chocolate, gummy, hard, fruity, minty, all of it! And it should be also no secret that I love vintage fashion. I've mended together my two loves and the outcome is delicious. I have chosen a few pieces that reminds me of my favorite candies. You might want to get out your hidden candy stash now before looking at the pictures!
Lemon Drops
Lemon Boho Maxi Dress Etsy - roguegirlvintage
'70s Chocolate drop waist dress and Tan Belt Etsy - marionkc
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Good & Plenty
Sweetheart '80s Vintage Pink and White Cardigan Etsy - MaejeanVINTAGE
Candy Buttons
Polka Dot Skirt Etsy - ashestodiamonds
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