Friday, August 24, 2012

Autumn's Beauty & Hair Trends

On Wednesday all the fabulous fashion trends were covered and now it's time for beauty and hair! The classic shades of berry, deep red, royal purple, and gold are in but now we've also been introduced to soft pink. The 1960's and '70s have a strong hold over this season's hair and the eye's have gone geometric crazy.


Red Lipstick 
Red lipstick is an universal beauty classic and does wonders for women. Red lips are a fashion statement of their own. They tell the world that you're confident, bold, daring, and deserve attention, rightfully so. There are 3 types of red lipsticks: 1) classic red  2) bright and glossy and 3) deep and vampy. The classic matte red lipstick will never go out of style and looks impeccable on every skin tone. It's perfect for a night out on the town or that day when you feel unstoppable. A tip when wearing classic matte: the less formal the outfit, the better the contrast. Bright and glossy red lipstick is perfect for the day look. A tip when wearing bright and glossy: keep the rest of the face natural and minimum. If you want a more bold look, try a strong brow. The dark and vampy lipstick was seen multiple times on the runway and can be easily worn off the runway. A tip when wearing the deep and dark: blot the middle of lips with a little bit of a lighter pink shade to avoid the Gothic look (unless that's what you're going for)

1 Classic 2 Bright 3 Dark

Soft Pink Flush
Here is where soft pink is introduced to us and it is to be applied to the checks as blush. The look can be described as the color you get after being outside in the crisp cool weather for a bit too long. That natural flush and color is what is being replicated through blush. 

1 2 3

Geometric Eyeliner
This fall we're having more fun with design and color. Instead of just swiping a line on the top and bottom lid and calling it a day, we're creating little patterns and adding more color. Although I doubt us non-models will draw lines, dots, and swipe shades of color around our eyes for everyday makeup, we can still get creative and have fun. Switching out black or brown with color, like purple or aqua and playing around with the ends of the cat eye design (model #4).

 Color Tipped Nails
This summer was all about color and we aren't abandoning the immersion completely.  While the french manicure is always a smart choice, why not mix things up? Instead of the average white tip, try color. It's a grown up nail art that can be worn through multi color design or unique shape tip design (like the red scallop pattern). 


Old Hollywood Glamour - Side Swept Waves
Old Hollywood glam is always coming back and for a good reason too! It's timeless and elegant appeal brings out the best of women and reminds us of the golden girls years. The up and coming singer and model Lana Del Rey has helped bring back the side swept waves into the spotlight and onto our style conscious. Two complementary makeup options: 1) Nude lips, sexy smokey eye, and a light pink flush of the cheeks OR 2) Red lips, minimal eye (focus on eyeliner than shadow), and a natural cheek. For instructions on how to recreate the hairstyle please click here or here.

There are dozens of braid styles and all are embraced. Braids have made their way not just on the red carpet but on the runway. No longer reserved for the Bohemians or girl scouts anymore, it's another style option for women and now it's a fun trend. You can go all out with a fishtail or keep it low key with one braid loosely hanging off to the side. 

Blunt Bangs
Once used as an escape for those embarrassed about their tall foreheads or over plucked brows, now desired by many. The blunt bang is a hair symbol for fall, it's the dramatic style that's often seen on college campuses. The cut works admirably with thin and thick hair but not with all foreheads. It can cause the short foreheads to have a shorter, cut-off, and round face so please honest with yourself and what works best for you before you run for the shears. 

Center Part & Squeaky Clean 
 Here we have the 70's making its way back into our lives. The center parted, straight hair that looks slick and squeaky clean is another option. The secret to get that luster gloss to your hair: Keep on top of the awful split ends and use shampoo and conditioner that offers moisture and shine protection. While your hair is damp, rub an ice cube over the strands and then apply shine serum. Then use a hair straighter or blow dryer with a large round brush. 

Retro Voluminous Bouffants
The opposite of the 70's influence is the '60s big and beautiful bouffants. The retro style brings into focus voluminous hair along with the needed hair dryer, teaser comb, and hairspray (suggestion: listen to the soundtrack of Hairspray while getting your bouffant ready, it'll be fun!). Lana Del Rey has also been seen sporting the retro sex kitten hair when not in glam waves. She and the remarkable designers of Fall '12 prove that bouffants are for the modern day and not the girls in your dad's old yearbook.

Jeweled Accessories
This fall we are making a statement and it's with our hair accessories. Statement hair pieces are becoming more informal and have been upgraded from only weddings and formal events to everyday wear. Hair pins, ties, hairbands, and ribbons with a brooch are pieces in which we can add a little glitz and sparkle. These pieces ease seamlessly into our adult world and you won't feel silly, promise! Tip: Keep it simple, easy enough right? 

1 2 3 4 5 6

 Which trend(s) do you love/dislike?

Which hair style is your favorite?

Which red lipstick will you wear?

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Sam said...

Hi sweety, great post, thanks for keeping me updated in the beauty trend department. Love the pink blush, blunt bangs and volumized hair, the hair accessories are gorgeous too. have a wonderful weekend!

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