Friday, September 21, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

MAC has honored and paid tribute to the late beauty icon, Marilyn Monroe, through its latest collection. The limited edition 30 piece line includes four alluring eye shadows, black mascara, eyeliners, five glamorous nail lacquers, bombshell eyeliner, two lipgloss, brow finishers, two blush, three lip pencils, and five luscious lipsticks. The collection is sprinkled with enduring names like Preferred Blonde, Charmed I’m Sure, and Deeply Adored. The collection will be up on MAC website starting September 27 and available for purchase on October 4. What I really love about the products is the packaging, each item has a lovely black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe. The prices are very affordable, ranging from $15-27. I think it's wonderful that Marilyn is still getting the respect and recognition she deserves as a beauty icon. Younger generations will be reintroduced to the late luminary, and I'm so glad!

In Deeply Adored, Charmed I'm Sure, Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess, and Pure Zen ($16.50)

In Beet, Redd, and Cherry ($17)
In Orange Kid, Vintage Vamp, Stage Vamp, Flaming Rose and Rich, Rich, Rich ($16.50)
In How to Marry, Preferred Blonde, Showgirl, and Silver Screen ($21)
Extreme black mascara, Eye khol in Smolder and Fascinating ($15), Lash strips ($16), Penultimate eyeliner ($19)
Brow maker ($19) and Brow Finisher ($15)

Powder blush In Legendary and The Perfect Cheek ($22) and Beauty powder in Forever Marilyn ($28)

Dazzlegloss in Phiff! and Little Rock ($21.50)

 What are your thoughts?
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