Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flawless Magazine

I announced my first guest blogger experience here and now I have more exciting news to share! I've been invited to write for Flawless Magazine's weekly newsletter!! It's an honor to collaborate with this exceptional international magazine. I get to write about the latest fashion news, trends, partnerships, and whatever else I like to an international audience.

I invite you to join FM's online subscription to the newsletter. I won't be featured each week because the editor chooses the final cut but please keep an eye out. I'll also give a shout out when one of my pieces has been selected.

A little bit about FM: it's an international fashion magazine that publishes issues bimonthly. Each issue can also be viewed online. From their About Page, "Flawless Magazine promotes existing and develop new talent by making published work accessible to artists entering the industry. Each issue is built around a single theme and artists are given the freedom to interpret this theme as they wish, allowing them to visually express their individual style and uniqueness".

I admire their dedication in promoting and helping in the growth of new and talented artists, photographers, designers, models, and now bloggers. 

August/September 2012 Cover 

May/June 2012 Cover


Filipa said...

This is really great. I always wanted to write for a magazine. Good luck with that xx

Sam said...

Congrats dear! This is such an exiting opportunity and I am so thrilled for you. All the best with it, I know you are going to be amazing!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

How awesome is that?! Congratulations!!

VιcκyBeL said...

hey honey
I just found your blog and really love it!
check if you want my blog and join the GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Clara Turbay said...


Hena Tayeb said...

wow that is so amazing. congratulations.

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