Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hello loves

I hope you were able to see and spend quality fun time with your family and friends and the turkey! I loved seeing my little chubby niece, Audrey, 7 months old, and the rest of the family. The food was just delicious, especially my favorite dishes, stuffing with cranberries, green bean casserole, and fruit of the forest pie

This was the first year I went Black Friday shopping and it was an experience. My mom and aunt went along with me to Target and Kohl's for their midnight opening. We went to Target first but didn't get in line until 11:40. The line was so long but thankfully the security guards had waves of people enter in the store so it didn't get too crazy. I saved almost $80 at Target and $90 at Kohl's.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you brave though Black Friday?

Baby Audrey at her first Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Party Fashion

I love holiday parties! The food, music, friends, family, laughter, and the of course the clothes! I can't stand seeing someone attend a holiday party in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt because where's the holiday spirit? Where's the outfit that perfect for the holiday season? I mean if you must wear jeans then wear a nice sweater or a festive blouse, not your grandparents' embarrassing wacky tops, unless that's the party theme.

For Thanksgiving, I tend to wear rustic orange, mustard, brown, green, and the occasional plum.

For Christmas, I wear the always popular red, green, silver, gray, black, and gold.

2011 holiday trends are: vintage glam, sequins, lace, glitter, and plaid. I found some great online shops that carry vintage and vintage inspired clothes. Enjoy! And remember, don't be boring and have fun!


1920s Florence ardor dress AdoreVintage
Eyelet peplum blouse (also in white and green) Anthropologie

1960s Burning bright wiggle dress DearGolden

1940s Familiar eyelet mustard dress AdoreVintage
Chardonnay sheen gold dress Anthropologie

Fluted ponte yellow dress Anthropologie

Sequin swirled pullover Anthropologie

1950s Regency era print dress Smallearthvintage

1960s Aztec mod dress Smallearthvintage
Hoshie plum blouse Anthropologie


1970s Pendleton plaid coat DearGolden

1950s Red wool plaid dress DearGolden

1950s Amour Fou red wiggle dress DearGolden
Valparaiso dress Anthropologie

Anise Pizzelle dress Modcloth

Sparkling toast dress Modcloth
Beaded felt pencil skirt (pair with simple black top) Anthropologie

Bright ideas dress Anthropologie

Polished platinum dress Anthropologie

Discotheque savvy dress Modcloth
Cyprium dress Anthropologie

Pyrite perfect dress Modcloth

When the night comes dress Modcloth

1980s Two of hearts black and white dress DearGolden

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hot Kiss Skinny Printed Jeans

Hi loves! I am very excited right now! I got my Hot Kiss Clothing Snow Leopard skinny jeans from the giveaway sponsored by Beauty and Budget. The jeans are nice and tight which I'm thrilled about because it seems that all of my older skinny jeans stretch out so quickly. The pattern is fun and printed denim is really in right now. I can't wait to slip them those babies on when I head out to the city for the weekend. Thank you Hot Kiss so much!!!!!

Versace for H&M

Bloggerland is going wild for the new Versace collection coming exclusively to H&M. To be honest I didn't really care; however, I went online to check out the collection on H&M's website and I was actually very pleased. Some of the collection included Stampa: exotic inspired with floral prints, Indian colors, and Asian designs and the other was Pelle Borchie: tough leather and metallic rock. I'm not a fan of all of the pieces but there were a few that definitely that made my heart skip a beat (mostly the fabulous dresses)

Pelle Borchie leather dress

Pelle Borchie dress
Frange dress

Frange dress

Bottoni Oro dress

Bottoni Oro dress
Pelle Borchie top

Pelle Borchie skirt
Pelle Borchie skirt

Metal Mesh dress

Pelle Borchie leather coat

Did you buy a Versace for H&M piece? If so, tell me in the comment section below what you bought or are planning to buy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snuggly Sweaters

The upcoming holiday season has me giddy for vintage inspired sweaters. Sweaters take me to the warm fuzzy holiday memories and allows me to hide my bloated belly (from holiday parties, family dinners, and too much eggnog). Although I have a deep love for sweaters, I really only have a couple in my closet; I'm a hypocrite and I am sorry. One day this will change, like when I get a real full time job after college, haha. Until then, I'm quiet comfortable with just pressing my nose against the shops' windows and dreaming.

These snuggly fabulous sweaters are all from the cute-as-a-button online store, ModCloth.

Holiday concert sweater Modcloth

Ped X-ing sweater Modcloth

Open your heart sweater Modcloth

Sparks between us Modcloth
Wild oats cardigan Modcloth
Evening onset sweater Modcloth
Fireside fashion cardigan Modcloth

You oughta gnome sweater Modcloth
Stormy sweater Modcloth

What is your favorite sweater from your closet? Mine is a chunky knit green sweater from Old Navy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's videos

Happy Monday loves! So this week is going to be CRAZY for me, just lots of projects and a huge exam coming up. I'm starting to feel the stress. Last night I dreamt that I was late to everything and then I woke up to realize it was only a dream and when I looked at the clock, I was late again. Then I woke up! I had a dream about dreaming I late and waking up late. So, now I'm paranoid about being late.  Here are some videos that usually calm my nerves and hopefully those who are having just one of those weeks, like me. Enjoy and remember to BREATHE.

What songs help you de-stress? Let me know so I can add them to my playlist!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect

Hi Dolls! I hope your Sunday is peaceful and relaxing or if you're like me, crazy, productive, and filled with thoughts like these, "Why do I procrastinate?!? I should've done this days ago, I'm stressed!".

Anywho, I have some real exciting news to share with all of you. I have signed up with Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect. Now what does that me for you? Well, now you can a few options for following and keeping up with VintageDanielle! Pretty ah-maz-ing, huh?

On the left side column ---> you have 4 options

  1. Follow by Email - get a new email personally sent to you whenever a new post is up
  2. Follow on Twitter - Keep up with latest posts, outfit of the week posts, chat with me directly, and peek inside my world
  3. Bloglovin-a free website and mobile app that shows you the latest blog postings by us and your other favorite blogs. You can also search other blogs and spend hours having fun there!
  4. Google friend connecter - for those with a google account (it's free) or those who also have blogger blogs, it allows you to see the latest blog postings on your Blogger dashboard and Google profile homepage
I hope these options meet your needs!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My shoes wish list

I have a confession: I love shoes and I hate shoe shopping. The scanning for the right shoe, putting on and off your old shoes to try new and potential painful new ones on, dealing with that one employees who has 5 other customers he or she needs to wait's just too much sometimes. I do love looking, dreaming, and wearing shoes. Flats, boots, loafers, and heels are my best friends (after diamonds haha). So here are the latest vintage inspired shoes to make my wish list.

Treasure seeking boots Modcloth
Spruce up your style boots Modcloth

Faux shearling workman boots Forever 21
Sparkle an interest heel Modcloth

Fioni night bow pump Payless

Proudly posh heel Modcloth

Legato heel Modcloth
Bubble gum glamour show Modcloth

Study muffin flat Modcloth

Heart of matter flat Modcloth

Gold oriented flat Modcloth

Chelsea flats Payless

Avery bow flat Payless
Christy chestnut fringe moccasin slippers Target

Corene bootie slippers Target

Did any of these fabulous shoes make your wish list?
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