Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Swimsuit Guide: What's Hot And Trendy

This week, I've covered how to prepare your skin, tone your body with effective quick exercises, explored tried and true tips on the right bathing suit for your body type. For the last post of Vintage Danielle's 2013 Swimsuit Guide Series, it's all about hot and trendy styles and patterns!

2013 Hot Swimsuit Trends - Jungle & Tropical Prints

 Not feeling floral, go south with flattering tropical and forest prints. You'll feel like an island babe and ready to heat up the beach.

2013 Hot Swimsuit Trends - Vintage Chic

 Retro swimwear is a popular choice and does wonders on all body types, helping define or create curves. Look like a sex pot with a high waist brief, polka dots, or a pretty floral one piece.

2013 Hot Swimsuit Trends - Sporty Glam

 Become a sporty spice with bright colors and bold cutouts and designs. Active swimwear is the go to choice for active girls who love to play volleyball rather than lounging around.

2013 Hot Swimsuit Trends - Nautical Americana

 Timeless classic, the nautical look completed with Americana colors are symbolic of summertime. Stripes are fun to wear, works on all body types, helping to define the waist. 

2013 Hot Swimsuit Trends - yummy prints

One of my all time favorite swimsuit prints are novelty food patterns! You're adorable ass will stand out from the crowd and making you very approachable and I guarantee you'll receive lots of compliments. 

Thank you for joining me on my first annual Swimsuit Guide. I truly hope I was of help for this swimsuit season. If you missed out on any of the posts, you can catch up here: Prepare your skin, body toning, and finding the best swimsuit for your body.

What's your favorite print?

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swimsuit Guide Series: Let's Get Physical!

With less than a month until Summer officially starts, I'm sure that squats, treadmills, sports bras, weights, crunches, and more are all on your mind. I know they're on my mind especially with my goal to minimize my love handles. Today on this week's Swimsuit Guide Series, we're going to talk about short and effective toning techniques that'll help you become bathing suit ready in a few weeks.

I'm a huge fan of Tone It Up, an international community of women, of all ages, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of their dreams; happy, healthy and out of this world! There are free downloadable workouts, delicious fat melting recipes, and you can get ready to tone it up with inspirational and fun trainers, Karena and Katrina! TIU has a youtube channel with hundreds of fabulous exercise videos that most are to be completed 3 times. Right now TIU is running a free 8 Weeks Bikini Series filled with weekly exercise schedules, recipes, and weekly giveaways. Join! You won't be sorry.

Here are my favorite videos that sure will make you feel sore the next day, whittle down your waist, and tone your entire body.

Music is very suggestive and the right upbeat song can push you to run another mile while a tired old playlist shuffle can be boring and unmotivating. Update your playlist with these songs that I personally workout to. Hopefully they'll keep you pumped up and fantasizing about beaches and tropical getaways.

Now let's move on to what to where when working out. Not only do you need to where active wear clothing for support and wicking away moisture but also to feel good about yourself by looking fabulous.

3 different workout outfits

With less than 30 days until Summer, let's do this! We can help get our body and self esteem into tip top shape with effective toning techniques, cute activewear, and upbeat motivating tunes.

P.S. Tomorrow's post is featuring fun trends and patterns, cute accessories, and fab sandals for swimswuit season!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swimsuit Guide: What To Wear For Your Body

One of the worst things a girl has to do is try on bathing suits. Yesterday, I went shopping for some new bathing suits and left the dressing room empty handed, disappointed, and frustrated. I do have a cute skirted bottom at home (Victoria's Secret) that I love because it conceals my hips and love handles but I'm tired of the color black and wanted to find another bottom in a brighter color.

Majority of what's on the racks are for skinny minnies or plus sized women, but what about the in between girls? What about women with hourglass, busty, apple, petite, and pear figures? It's tough for women to find what works for them if they're not a stick figure. And even petite women have a hard time finding something that isn't too loose.

After Memorial Day fashion magazines and blogs go into describing the best bathing suit for your body type and for the most part, they are on point. Other times they miss completely. One common complaint is the models used to depict curvy women are all skin and bones and makes it impossible for the reader to visualize themself in that swimsuit. Other is that the advice just doesn't make sense or the average price of a suggested piece is way too much. Well, I want to change that! By combining my experience of swimsuit shopping along with taking the best of the best in shopping advice, and thinking of your financial budget (most pieces are $100 or less!!), I'll share with you what I know to be true. So let's start! 

Athletic body types have two main choices: create a more feminine shape through ruffles, flirty floral or stripes OR go the complete opposite with a sleek suit, cutouts and seaming.

Deep necklines and bustier tops like a halter are your friends, rock it! Embrace what your mama gave you. Please avoid the bandeua, I've never seen a woman wear it right and it doesn't do anything for any chest size.

You have a hard time finding suits that fit you right. Often times the bottoms are too big. Try a string bikini! You can cinch the side ties for a snug fit. You can have a lot of fun with wild and loud prints but stay away from solid colors. Embellished pieces add extra volume to where you want.

Don't feel that you can only go to the one piece. You can work a two piece as long as the top have adjustable straps, underwire, and extra support. A sweetheart neckline creates pinup-worthy cleavage and lots of support 

A classic midrise bikini, or a bikini bottom with side strings are amazing because you can adjust to avoid annoying bumps and lumps. For a two piece, try a color blocking your bikini with the bottoms a darker solid print and the top a lighter solid print. A wrapped one piece will also flatter your curves and camouflage your tummy.
This is a problem I face (large hips and a hourglass figure). Usually, women try to minimize their hips through boy shorts but the focus goes to top of the thighs, the widest part of your body. High-cut briefs lengthens your legs, makes you look leaner, and draws the eye away from the hips to your small waist. If you feel uncomfortable in a bikini bottom, go for a skirt but avoid ones with more than an inch past your bottom. I hate being in a one piece because from my backside, the eyes go right to my hips and makes my bottom look smaller.

I hoped this What To Wear - Swimsuit Edition helped!
What tips do YOU follow?
Share what works for you in the comments below

P.S. Tomorrow, in the series, will be all about effective toning techniques to help you feel your best. Stay Tuned!!

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