Friday, July 27, 2012

Making An Apartment Into A Home

Sorry for my absence but a lot is going on right now. My fiance and I are currently getting things ready to move to Virginia and that means lots and lots of cleaning (yuck!). It also means many Goodwill donation trips which I don't mind because it's nice to get rid of stuff I could do without. I never knew how much planning, organization, and little details that must be taken care of while doing a move.

I'm looking forward to exploring a new state and redoing my new apartment. I haven't seen the new place yet because we weren't able to take the time off to drive down there (about 10 hour drive). I have seen pictures and I like what I've seen so far. As you know by now I'm a VINTAGE nerd and I've always been drawn to the mid century style homes. With a fresh slate, I'm making sure the new place will ooze mid century loveliness. I've done lots of window shopping, browsing Pinterest inspiration boards, and trips to thrift stores. So far, I've been able to pick a cute side table and an antique radio, both needing some TLC.

Still looking for two nightstands and two office desks with the vintage feel and infamous skinny legs. Hopefully once I get down to Virginia, I'll find affordable luck!

Here are some pictures that have given me some inspiration of what I want my new home to resemble

plaid woodsmen bed 

color & mid- century

mid century 


mid century

What your favorite home decor style?
Is home decor important to you?

Monday, July 23, 2012


Lately, I've seen this certain shoe everywhere and I really like it! I just adore it's vintage appeal and how you could wear it with anything. The shoe I'm refering to is of course the brogue. They come in many styles, colors (even neon) and they are the kind of flats that don't make your feet look huge (big plus!). Whenever I wear skinny jeans I feel that only heels or ballet flats would be acceptable but now I've realized that brogues are another style option (love more options). I've collected a few examples of these perfect retro inspired shoe and they prices are pretty affordable.

Grey Floral Mint Yellow

Black Creme Grey&White White

Which is your favorite?
Do you currently own a pair?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jason Wu for Nordstrom

After a successful collaboration with Target, Jason Wu has partnered with Nordstrom. Jason Wu will introduce Miss Wu, a younger (teens and young women) and modern collection. It's a 1960s mod-inspired 40 piece line that'll be feminine with great use of printed shifts, floral skirts, striped tops. and bows. The collection will be available through VIA C's department in January 2013. Unlike Target's collection, the prices are higher; ranging from $195 (blouse) to $705 (leather jacket). 

When speaking about his new collection, Wu had this to say, "Instead of just doing ‘Jason Wu-for-less,’ the idea is to explore the other side of myself. I always see Jason Wu [the collection] as my aesthetic, my design sensibility. Miss Wu is my personality. It was really fun to explore that facet of who I am — slightly more downtown, and with a more relaxed attitude".

It's nice to see that Miss Wu will be created with a more personal touch. Although I'm not sure I would personally purchase from the collection, it's nice to Jason Wu reach all budgets, ranging from Target to Nordstrom.

The long term plan is after the one year exclusive contract to bring Miss Wu into wholesale and expand into accessories by 2014.

Image via Jason Wu
Image via Jason Wu

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chic, Cute, and Cheap - Summer Edition

Thanks for your patience, I know I announced this post on Monday and it's now Friday, my bad! I began the Chic, Cute, and Cheap series for the spring season and I really enjoyed finding easy to find fashion items for a price of $25 or less. With summer in full bloom, I think it's about time that Chic, Cute, and Cheap focus on the hottest months and how we gals can find affordable, classic yet trendy pieces. I focused more on color, fun patterns, and light fabric. I hope you'll find some wallet friendly inspiration.

1 2 3

1 2 3
1 2 3

1 2 3 4

1 2 3

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4

What's your favorite summer trend?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Coming Soon!

I'm working on the summer Chic, Cute, and Cheap edition post (here's Spring). My new goal for this edition is $25 and under for accessories and basic clothing pieces.

I love doing this series every season because it's a fun challenge to find affordable accessories and clothing for the average gal who still wants to look chic and keep up with the latest trends.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Christian Louboutin's Cinderalla Slipper

If you recall, in April 2012, an announcement was made that Louboutin and Disney were collaborating on a real life Cinderella inspired heel. Well, good news: the first photo of the design has finally arrived! The shoe was revealed on July 4th in Paris. The special heel is covered in crystals and features butterfly accents. Because a shoe made out of glass would be beyond painful, he used white lace and Swarovski crystals to embody glass' lightness. Although I adore the crystals, why the butterflies? I don't recall butterflies being a part of the classic Cinderella story. Honestly, when I see butterfly accessories and accents I think of Mariah Carey (what 90's child doesn't?).

The Christian Louboutin Cinderella shoe
Photo by Walt Disney Studios

What do you think?
Was it what you imagined?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What To Wear - Summer Weddings Pt. 2

I hope part 1 of the series was helpful for you! For part 2. I focused on the Black Tie/Evening weddings as well as the tricky Destination wedding. Part one of the series can be viewed here. I've always loved a well designed Black Tie wedding because it really is the one of the few times I can get all dressed up and fancy-fied and see all the men in handsome well fitted suits. Dreamy!

For destination weddings, I suggest finding clues for what to wear through the location itself. Determine the venue, the climate, and weather for the special day. Looking at the guest invitation card can also offer up some clues. Is the card printed on heavy cream paper and very pretty? Or is it on a lighter weight card and simple print is used? Contacting the bridal party, NOT DAYS OR A COUPLE WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING, will be useful. They will know exactly what is expected and might be able to offer a couple of ideas. I would rather call up the maid of honor and ask than rather be nervous and unsure of myself. There's nothing worse than being too under or over dressed.

Here are a couple of wedding guest outfit inspirations.

Earrings Nail Polish Lipstick Clutch Dress

Earrings Clutch Heels Ring Dress

Do you have a staple outfit you wear to weddings?
What do you prefer: Black Tie or Casual?

Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Independence Day! I hope you have a wonderful, safe, fun, and memorable day. If you're heading to a barbecue or fireworks, click here for some patriotic outfit inspiration. Enjoy America's day of Independence and remember to thank and honor those who died and sacrificed for our freedom.

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