Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arizona and Nevada 2

Here is part two of the Nevada and Arizona trip (part one). Johnny and I's 7th year anniversary took place while on vacation. In fact we were in Las Vegas on our anniversary (May 25). Once we had gotten settled into our hotels we ran off to the famous strip (it was the first time in Vegas for the both of us). We walked for so long that my feet still hurt! We visited Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef aquarium and later dined at the Sugar Factory. The day was just wonderful, filled with sharks, sting rays, creamy berry milkshakes, and amazingly good mac n' cheese balls. I recommend everyone who gets the chance to try the Sugar Factory. It's a lot like Max Brenner's, great food, a bit pricey, but did I mention the amazing food and desserts? They even a jolly rancher and smores martini, need I say more? Anyways, enough of the chatter and on with the photos.

On our way!
Crazy sand storm
Vegas Paris' Eiffel Tower
Vegas' Paris Restaurant
Infamous Vegas' Paris Hot Air Balloon
Serving beer late morning. It IS Vegas after all!

Reminds Me Of Disney Castle

Pretty Colorful Windows
Creepy Large Fish
Piranhas! Watch Your Fingers
Just Keep Swimming
Love The Silhouette
White Alligator
Fashionable Polka Dot Sting Ray
Johnny And His Berry Milkshake

My Milkshake (and it brings the all the boys to the yard)

 The 3rd and final part of the trip will be available tomorrow! 
 p.s. I'm a huge user of Instagram and many of the photos from the trip can be found through my instagram profile. Feel free to follow me @retrobelle24, see you all there!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arizona and Nevada 1

I didn't want to overwhelm you with tons of photos in one post so I'll be breaking things up in a couple of posts.

The beginning of the trip was not very smooth and quite exhausting. The first flight got delayed a couple of hours which made us miss the connection flight and that connection was the last one for the night. Not wanting to spend extra money on a hotel room and there been almost no available rooms in Houston, TX, the family and I spent the night in the airport. And no, we hardly had any sleep and but when we did, we slept in the funkiest positions. The airport was so eerie and quiet at midnight, I felt like Tom Hank's character in "Terminal".

When we finally got to our first destination, Laughlin, NV, we all sighed a big breath of relief. Here is the first set of photos from my vacation to Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Houston airport at 2 am
Arizona's mountains (airplane view)
Finally on our way to Laughlin, NV (isn't he cute?!)

Arizona landscape
Hotel in Laugnlin, NV
Why does River Palms have a 13th floor? Isn't that unlucky?
 My uncle lives pretty much on the Nevada and Arizona state border so he took us on a wonderful tour of the surrounding area. We went to visit a little old mining town where people still live called Oatman, Arizona. Oatman, a former mining town which began a tent town and ocated in infamous Route 66, is a favorite tourist destination. There are cowboy shows, tons of cute shops, and wild roaming burros. You can read more about the town's history here and I suggest you do, it's fascinating! Here are some photos of my visit to Oatman.

Town Sign
Oatman's tiny post office
Famous wild burros (donkeys)
He stared right into my soul
Street view
Olive Oatman (the namesake of the town)
Best ice cream!

Glory Hole (har har har)
Dead man
Old fashion washing machine
Dead lady
Momma and baby burro

Oatman's landscape
Part two of the vacation photographs will be posted tomorrow
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Vacation Is Over

I had such a wonderful trip to Arizona and Las Vegas and I'm sad that it had to end. But I must admit, I'm looking forward to seeing my chubby cats and sleeping in my own bed again.

Tomorrow I'll be working on my first vacation blog filled with photos and little stories.

See you all tomorrow with a fresh post.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vacation Ready

Today my family, Johnny, and I will be flying to Arizona and then Las Vegas for a 7 day vacation. I'm so excited and can't wait to start my adventure. I've never been to that side of the country and I'm looking forward to the new experiences and the infamous sunshine. I did a little weather research and this week is suppose to be just gorgeous, high temperature and sunny (lucky girl I am). With that in mind, I made sure to pack all my cute sundresses as well as a pair of navy capri for a possible hike.

I haven't gone on an extended vacation in a long time and I've realized how rusty my packing skills really are. To help those who are in the same position as me:

Simple Packing Tips

  1. Make a list and check it often
  2. Plan AHEAD your outfits for each day
  3. Keep outfits and jewelry in the same color arena (less shoes and jewelry to bring)
  4. Bring only a small amount of non valuable jewelry
  5. Bring extra underwear
  6. Pack a pair of sneakers and socks so you're always ready for an adventure
  7. A few pairs of pajamas will do just fine
  8. Pack 1 nice fancy "night on the town" outfit
  9. Go small on the toiletries (the hotels will provide plenty)
  10. Don't bring what you can't buy there (unless the prices are outrageously expensive)
  11. Rolling, rather than folding, the clothes allows for more space
  12. The TSA app can tell you what can and cannot be packed


Las Vegas, Nevada

Where do you think I must visit in Arizona and in Las Vegas?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Season Of Shorts

Tis the season for bare legs and shorts. I'm more of a sundress gal because I'm a bit self-conscious of my thighs but I'm slowly learning to accept them. This summer, there are so many sweet, funky,and incredible shorts that I'm sure wearing one of these will help me forget my concerns. I'm really interested in the studded denim shorts and the American flat pattern pair, looks like the ulitmate summer wear.





Which style of shorts will you be sporting this summer?
Do you have a favorite pair?
Tell me about them in the comment section

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Of The Moment - Fuchsia

Move over Tangerine Tango (for now) and come on in fuschia! The hot pink shade has been seen worn by many of lovely ladies of Hollywood. I'm usually not a fan of fuchsia, I don't think I even have a pink fuchsia piece in my closet but that might change. The color is perfect for spring time and it's vibrant, bright, and bold.

Cameron Diaz

Dakota Fanning

Eva Longeria

Ginnifer Goodwin

Kathy Griffin

Jennifer Garner

Reese Witherspoon

Viola Davis

Sofia Vergara

Are you a fan of fuchsia?
Do you have a hot pink piece in your closet?

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