Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swimsuit Guide Series: Let's Get Physical!

With less than a month until Summer officially starts, I'm sure that squats, treadmills, sports bras, weights, crunches, and more are all on your mind. I know they're on my mind especially with my goal to minimize my love handles. Today on this week's Swimsuit Guide Series, we're going to talk about short and effective toning techniques that'll help you become bathing suit ready in a few weeks.

I'm a huge fan of Tone It Up, an international community of women, of all ages, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of their dreams; happy, healthy and out of this world! There are free downloadable workouts, delicious fat melting recipes, and you can get ready to tone it up with inspirational and fun trainers, Karena and Katrina! TIU has a youtube channel with hundreds of fabulous exercise videos that most are to be completed 3 times. Right now TIU is running a free 8 Weeks Bikini Series filled with weekly exercise schedules, recipes, and weekly giveaways. Join! You won't be sorry.

Here are my favorite videos that sure will make you feel sore the next day, whittle down your waist, and tone your entire body.

Music is very suggestive and the right upbeat song can push you to run another mile while a tired old playlist shuffle can be boring and unmotivating. Update your playlist with these songs that I personally workout to. Hopefully they'll keep you pumped up and fantasizing about beaches and tropical getaways.

Now let's move on to what to where when working out. Not only do you need to where active wear clothing for support and wicking away moisture but also to feel good about yourself by looking fabulous.

3 different workout outfits

With less than 30 days until Summer, let's do this! We can help get our body and self esteem into tip top shape with effective toning techniques, cute activewear, and upbeat motivating tunes.

P.S. Tomorrow's post is featuring fun trends and patterns, cute accessories, and fab sandals for swimswuit season!

 Let's Hang Out!!

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LOL, I'm reading this post as I'm munching on chips. Damn, this just gave me major self-esteem issues. Look at their bodies!! My excuse is that I'm having surgery in July, for which I will need to go on a 2 month liquid diet (which means lots of weight loss), although my sagging ass can really use a lift. I'm going to bookmark this video for when I'm not feeling so lazy and for when potatoes are not emotionally blackmailing me :)


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