Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Wish List

Sometimes when I'm feeling uninspired on the blog I'll head to one of my favorite go-to posts, which  is the Monthly Wish List. My wish lists are what I long for in my closet if I didn't live on a budget. I would buy these fabulous new pieces and wear the hell out of them all season long.

This month I'm really into light bright colors like creamy yellow and stark white. My forever obsession with polka dots are still strong as ever but I threw in a pair of striped shoes because I like the nautical look. Isn't the cutout dress darling? It's so easy to dress up or dress down, the mesh chest is very sexy, and the cutout design is everywhere in 2013!

May Wish List

Are you a fan of cutout dresses?

Let's Hang Out!


Benlovesting said...

Beautiful post! X

Sam said...

That white dress is stunning, I wouldn't personally wear cut-outs but love how it looks on others, the white necklace and striped shoes are the perfect accessories for this outfit.

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