Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Lemons Please

I've been seeing this beautiful lemon print everywhere from bloggers like Anna James of Fash Boulevard, Mindy of the TV show 'The Mindy Project', and everywhere else on the internet and fashion magazines. The lemon print is so fresh and fun for summer. I love the delicious bright yellows and greens and yummy lemons.

Here's how you can wear the juicy print this summer:



The only bad thing about the print is how EXPENSIVE the pieces can be! The infamous Alice+Olivia lemon dress, skirt, and crop top are each about $300 or more, yikes!! I did find some other lemon patterned pieces that are more reasonably priced like Dorothy Perkins' dress

Here are other fabulous lemon pieces all under $100! Personally, I want them all and now have a craving for some sliced lemon dipped in sugar, yum! 

Are you a fan of the juicy print 
or would you rather leave lemons on the kitchen table?

Let's Hang Out!!


Jessica said...

that lemon crop top is perrrfect


Sam said...

Hi sweety, I appreciated hearing your feedback on my last post :) For the love of lemons!!..this is such an animated and adorable print, it looks fresh and fun! Love the outfit ideas.

Taylor Morgan said...

the first lemon crop top is so cute! But personally I would leave the lemons on the table ;)

love from NYC,

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Emmett Katherine said...

I haven't come across the lemon print yet, it's cute!

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