Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trend Alert: Floral Crowns

Flower crowns are seen as dramatic, over the top, meant for fashion magazines and the runway only, not for the average girl or are they? By shrinking down the size of flowers you lose the often times outrageous silly feeling. This season, fashion gurus and magazines are showing us how to accessorize with these darling floral crowns and honestly, I'm all on board! I like the bohemian feel, the crowns are romantic, girly, and oh so pretty.

Here's how you wear the latest S/S 2013 hair accessory right

  • Keep it simple. If you want a more laid back look, stray away from crowns with large flowers and added details like baby breath.
  • Updos and hair down are both workable! 
  • If you want the attention drawn to your hair, your blouse should be pretty calm and basic, try a solid top. Creams, grays, blacks, whites, pinks are beautiful colors to pair with.  
  • I think a more natural soft beauty look works well with floral crowns. Try a pink based or berry lip stain, a soft shimmer of the cheeks and clean eyes.

WHERE TO WEAR: these IT hair accessories would be perfect to wear at the beach, concerts, festivals, picnics, weddings, and hell wherever and whenever you want!!


If you're a DIY type of girl and want to make your own floral crowns, I've found some amazing tutorials below! 
The Fashion Interview's DIY...flower crowns
DIY Cute Boho Flower Crowns Headband video
DIY Flower Crown! video

Let's Hang Out!!


Sandy a la Mode said...

this is such a pretty trend! i kind of want to try it! :)

Sandy a la Mode

Sam said...

Love love this pretty trend! Its something I would definitely wear, I actually once made a floral crown out of real flowers for a fancy dress party...but I'm guessing fake flowers are far better, lol!I enjoyed reading your point of view on my Cannes post. Aren't you glad its the end of the week? Have a great one dear!

Taylor Hart said...

I adore floral crowns! I especially love K is for Kani. She is such a doll! Great post, thanks for sharing....following now!

Emmett Katherine said...

floral crowns, I like them but i'm not sure how I feel about the 'trend' part! I prefer when they're spontaneous - like if they're made while your at a festival or something. either way all the photos you featured I loved :)

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