Thursday, May 16, 2013

Floral Peplum + Need White Heels

I got this insanely cute floral peplum dress at Forever 21 a while back and it has been patiently waiting its chance to shine and today was the day. The sun was warm, there was a gentle breeze, and hardly any clouds in the sky; such a beautiful Spring day that I just had to wear this dress. The pattern reminded me of the 1990s and the peplum did a fabulous job of camouflaging my tummy while showing off my curves. BUT there's one thing I forgot when I put on the dress, I had absolutely no shoes that match!! The dress clearly needs white heels so I'm on a hunt for a pair. Until then, these pink sandals did the job, poorly, but I wasn't about to go barefoot in the grass with nasty bugs crawling between my toes, no thanks.

So besides the need for hot white heels, isn't the dress just cute or what?

Necklace - Target Dress - Forever 21 Shoes- Can't rememer (old)

Now I need your help! In the comment section, tell me which heel works BEST with the dress. It would be of a huge help to get all of your opinions.

Which white heel for my floral peplum dress?

Let's Hang Out!!


Wendy said...

heels nr 3 :)

I have a nice giveaway up on the blog (Vogue T-shirt)


Emmett Katherine said...

The print is cute, thank goodness it's finally warm enough to wear spring/summer stuff! I think shoe #2 would go best.

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