Monday, October 29, 2012

Zombie Beach Bums

Last Saturday Johnny and I went to a local Halloween bash and had a hell of a time. There was a live band (played a little bit too much country but oh well) and delish food and amazing drinks. I loved looking at everyone's creative and funny costumes. I saw a jellyfish, Little Bo Beep and her sheep, SNL's dick in a box duo, Toy Story's army man, a tornado, and so much more.

Johnny and I were originally going to be the milkman and the housewife. Unfortunately, we had the hardest time finding the right milkman's hat. We went to many stores and thrift shops and came out empty handed. In a last minute effort, we used what we had at home plus fake blood. After teasing the crap out of my hair, lots of sticky and oozy blood, faded red lipstick and mascara, and diving into our closets, we became The Zombie Beach Bums. We each grabbed a pair of bathing suits that we never wore and ripped them up a bit.  I also used an old beach skirt from a beach trip (the beach's name was printed on the back) and a pair of sunglasses. All together, our costumes cost $8. Pretty good deal, right?

Just a couple of zombie in love

Giving kisses. Yes, zombies like kisses.

Okay, now for brains!

No brains so we turn on each other.

What are your plans for Halloween?
Will you be dressed up and as what?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha, indeed some fun costumes.. wish it would be as warm weather here,too! ;)

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