Friday, October 12, 2012

Pitch Black

Last night I went to my first haunted house of the season. I love being scared, it's such a thrill to not know what's going on and where you're going, especially if the pitch black walls are getting narrower and narrower. That's fun in my book!

I wore my Forever 21 thrift find faux leather skirt which was only $3.50, I'm good!  Knowing I was going to be standing outside for a good hour, I threw on my $5 faux leather jacket from last year. Get this, I got it from Wal-Mart. Sometimes you just never know when you might find something good.

Turtleneck- Target Tights- Target? Shoes-Target Skirt- Goodwill

Jacket - Wal-Mart

Are you a haunted house lover?


Anonymous said...

How fun!

Sam said...

Haunted House!? So fun and exciting, whats it like, we have nothing like that here. Loving your all black classy and chic outfit.

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