Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Finally Find The Perfect Jeans

I'm a dress kind of girl. Nothing makes me happier and more relaxed than slipping into a nice knee length. This dress only kind of girl is getting scared of the up and coming season: return of jeans! I've always been afraid of them because finding the right pair is almost impossible. Wearing them brings on a list of problems including over stretching, too long of a length, and the dreaded muffin top episodes.  At the same time, the right pair of jeans feels and looks amazing. To my girls with the love/hate relationship with jeans, I've found out how to find the perfect pair of jeans using a few tips.



It's all in the hips: The  low rise is faded in popularity and now jeans are being with a 7-8 inch rise. The top of the jeans should be at or right below the hip bone. This allows for comfort and the right amount of coverage when sitting or bending down. If the hips are a concern of yours and you want to minimize the area, try going higher to a 9 inch rise.

Stretch will happen: a problem I personal deal with is the overstretching of denim. After a few uses, the jeans no longer have that flattering fit which is frustrating. When first trying on jeans they should feel very snug. You should be able to button them and they should feel almost too tight from the butt down to the calves (NOTE: If you develop a muffin top on the first try, don't buy! It won't stretch out that much for you). 

Stay classy San Diego: Besides the classic and flattering straight leg, a few recent jean cuts trends are becoming new classics. The colored skinny leg and the more fitted loose boyfriend jean in a light wash won't be leaving anytime soon and both are also flattering to most figures. Invest in a couple of different classic cuts like the ones mentioned above. 

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid Sweetie: For those who want to keep attention away from your backside and/or upper thighs, go for less detail and a simple. Distressing, ripes, faded lines, and all other designs can be distracting and lead to unwanted eyes on your problem areas.

Tailor it up: If you have short legs like myself, finding the right length and fit is extremely hard. Spend the extra bucks and take your new pair to a tailor so it will fit perfect for your legs.

Perfect Cut For Your Body Type
Hourglass: A classic, wide-legged leg with a mid-rise and flat front. It'll keep you looking slim in all the right places while showing off your sexy curves OR stretch skinny jeans with a simple look. 

Pear shaped: Should stay away from anything super-tapered and go for a low-rise flare or classic straight leg. It'll create an overall balance which will help keep your hips looking slim and streamlined. 

Plus-sized: A darker-rinse denim is the perfect wash! Be sure the cut is either straight-legged (slightly form-fitting) or a trouser style.

Tall: Lucky you! You can rock long and lean straight-legged cuts, skinny styles and the retro flared, '70s-inspired cut. 

Petite: A slim-cut pair of jeans will always work for you. Go for a boot-cut or sexy, cropped skinnies.

Boy figure: To give the illusion of a bigger booty and curves try a mid-rise jean with a slight boot-cut opening or flare to create a curvier silhouette from top to bottom.

 Maintain Your Perfect Pair
Once you find that perfect pair, it's important to take great care of them. Improper care can lead to overstretching, shorter time usage, and color fading. 

  • For a tight fit, wash once a week to return to the original snug.
  • For dark, stiff, raw denim, wear as long as possible without washing
  • Turn your jeans inside out when you wash them to protect the color
  • Water temperature should be no hotter than the warm setting
  • Use your regular laundry soap
  • Allow raw, dark, stiff denim to air dry only
  • For stretch denim, tumble dry for 40 minutes at high heat to shrink back to size

What are your methods in finding the perfect pair?


tini tani said...

Hi, honey! You have a great blog! I'm your new follower, I have great pleasure to monitor your blog! I invite you to my blog, I hope our friendship!)))))

Jennifer said...

Great tips!
I hate when new jeans stretch too much!

xo Jennifer

Sam said...

Good to have you back hun, how was your time away. I must admit I am more a jeans-type of girl. Thanks for these excellent tips, I will take not of them when I am shopping for my next pair - which should be soon!

two birds said...

I own so many pairs of jeans that I rarely wear because I am always looking for the perfect pair. If I do find a pair I love, I usually buy a few pairs! Great tips!

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