Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Dress For An Interview

In the past two days I've had three interviews, it's been hectic but productive! I don't know about the rest of you but the first thought that crosses my mind after an interview has been is what am I going to wear?! The most common interview style tips are to stay covered (agreed), minimal jewelry (agreed) and choose dark colors like navy and black (BORING!). Unless you're interviewing for a stuffy conservative firm, you can tastefully showcase your beautiful personality through your outfit. Like Elle said in Legally Blonde, "No more boring suits or pantyhose, I'm [done] trying to be somebody I'm not". 

My interview outfit

Outfit Tips
  • Consider the company, it's values, and potential position when deciding your outfit.
  • Pair a neutral or dark color with a brighter hue.
  • Invest in a few high quality and tailored pieces; nothing is more off putting than an interviewee in too big or too tight clothing.
  • Closed heel and toe shoes are professional and always a winner!
  • Jewelry should be minimal e.g. earrings and a ring OR earrings and a necklace; avoid pieces that make noise and/or get in the way of a handshake.
  • Avoid showing too much skin, you want the focus to be on your words, not arms and legs.  Long-sleeve blazers, knee length skirts and dresses, tailored pants, and simple dark tights are all viable options.
  • If you must bring a handbag along to the interview, a simplistic small bag will do.  
  • Two professional hairstyles: hair down, low bun (not messy), or low ponytail. Leave the braids and other fun styles for when you get the job or for a creative position/company.

Camel +Magenta

Cobalt Blue+Gray+White


Beige+Bright Pink



General Interview Tips
  • Arrive 15-10 minutes early. If you arrive too early, the interviewer might be put off and feel uneasy.
  • Bring along (written or memorized) questions to the interview to be asked at the end. This shows that you've put thought into the position and are really interested.
  • Forgo the perfume, the interviewer might be allergic.
  • Pop in a breath mint but spit out that gum!
  • If the interviewer asks you if you like a glass of water or tea, politely decline. Secretly, they don't want to fetch you a drink and it wastes time.
  • Bring along an extra copy of your resume and pen; it'll show that you're prepared.
  • Think of answers to common questions beforehand but stray from making them sound rehearsed.
  • Even if you don't have direct experience to the position you're aiming for, take situations, tasks, and skills needed for your previous job and apply to the new.

What's your go to interview outfit?


Sam said...

Such great tips! I must remember them, I love your more vivid choices, far better than the average boring suit, a bit of colour is always a good thing. You look terrific and they should give you the job based on your outfit alone!

briannelee said...

Great tips! I love all of these looks.

If you have a chance, enter my jewelry giveaway:

Nelle Creations said...

Great tips!
Newest follower, hope you can check out my latest DIY and enter my contest.

Dancing Branflake said...

You look amazing! And these are great tips. You must keep us updated!

Jennifer said...

Great tips - interviews make me so anxious!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

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Audrey Allure said...

Definitely agree with your tips! My interview outfit always depends on the company I'm interviewing for :)

Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by...Have a great start to the week!

The Sunshine District said...

Great tips :) I just had an interview last week, and it went great... I got the job :) Thank you for awarding us with the leibster award <3
xo Jac

Emmett Katherine said...

I think your outfit is great for an interview. polished with a bit of personality :)

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