Friday, June 15, 2012

Margiela for H&M

For the past few years H&M has been collaborating with famous designers to create afforable and chic collections. Now H&M has done it again! Margiela has announced its collaboration with the much loved international store. The one-off Belgian collection will be available worldwide on November 15 and is to include clothing and accessories for men and women.


Do you appreciate H&M for its collaborations with internationally famous designers?


Bonnie said...

I have to say -- Not a fan of H&M, but their designer collaborations are kind of cool, sometimes.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Nee said...

love the video!:) i think it's really exciting when h&m works with famous designers, it's also cool for us customers to be able to try on or even buy those clothes. but for me - i mean some pieces are beautiful but some are also very extraordinary and eventhough it's h&m the price is too high.
have a good weekend xx

universeandyou said...

I'm on countdown right now !! can't wait for this and for Anna Dello Russo in october !

xoxo from japan

freesia said...

I like them, gives the brand a new interesting aproach to their pieces!

katherinelou said...

What exciting news! My favorite collaboration thus far is the h&m x lanvin but i'm so excited for this collaboration! the h&m x maison martin margiela sounds as if it might be even better!

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