Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan will be staring in Lifetime's original movie, Liz and Dick, along with Grant Bowler. The movie is about Elizabeth Taylor's romantic relationship with Richard Burton. When I first read about the casting of the movie I was honestly shocked! I could perhaps see Lohan playing Marilyn Monroe (her idol) but not Taylor. There were rumors that Megan Fox was also a possible option. However, after seeing some of the still shots of the movie, I could be wrong. According to People magazine, the movie's costume director, Salvatore Perez, said when Lindsay came on set in costume for the first time, "There was an audible gasp. You’d swear it was Elizabeth".
Although Lohan is mostly known for her stints in the tabloids, she is a pretty good actress and I'm very curious to see how the movie plays out. As an admirer of Elizabeth Taylor I do hope that Lohan does the role with justice and dignity.
Here are some still shots of Lohan as Taylor.
Lohan recreating the famous 1950s photograph of Taylor

Taylor in the original

Lohan and Bowler as Taylor and Burton


Burton and Taylor


Taylor in similar beach get up
What do you think of Lifetime's casting of this movie?
Which glam icon would you like to see portrayed in a movie and by who?


GlamorousGirl said...

nice post!

Regan said...

Wow, she looks so different with darker hair!

Emmett Katherine said...

I'm surprised after all her personal life drama she got a role but she does look like she can play the part!

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