Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunglasses Are A Girl's Best Friend

I love sunglasses. They shield your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, hide tired red hangover peepers, and express your fun wonderful personality. There are so many different styles, shapes, and colors that there is bound to be at least one pair that will be perfect for you. I personally love the vintage cat-eyed shades in different colors and fun heart shaped glasses. Unfortunately, I already wear glasses so I had to get prescription sunglasses which meant I can't enjoy the cheap cute pairs that you can buy and wear off the rack. The prescription sunglasses I have now are Ray-Ban's New Wayfarer cat eyed inspired, in cream.

Ray-Ban's New Wayfarer, in white +black rather than my cream+brown

1. 80s Purple Hot Hip ii 2. ASOS Jeepers Peepers Animal 3. Modcloth Cat Eye Cutie

1. ASOS Jeepers Peepers Square Neon 2. Target Xhilaration Wayfarer 3. Urban Outfitters Kitschy Cat-Eyed

1. ASOS Mauricio Stein Handmade 2. Dzmitry Samal Eyewear 3. Urban Outfitters Gradient Wonka

1. ASOS Rose Gold Aviator Two Toned 2. H&M Fashion Against AIDS 3. Urban Outfitters Surfer Risky

1+ 3. Urban Outfitters Sweetheart  2. Urban Outfitters UO Heartbreaker

1. Urban Outfitters Peace Out Readers 2. ASOS Round Color Block 3. Target Mossimo Geometric

Which pair of shades best describe your personality and style?
Do you have a pair that's your "go-to"?


Dancing Branflake said...

I do. Although, I always lost them, haha! I like mine to show my eyes a bit. Weird, I know.

Sam said...

Ohh those Ray Ban cat eye sunnies are adorable. You've rounded up some really amazing pairs here, I like trying on different shapes and styles. The heart ones are really cute but think I've outgrown them (not by choice). I like the quirky colourful pairs

Walking on Sunshine said...

I love cat eye cut <3

Self-Dressed said...

I have to renew mine!! This proposals are gorgeous!!!

like your blog so much! like to follow each other?

betty said...

really love this little collage uv done !! great blog x

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