Thursday, July 4, 2013

What To Wear - Wedding Edition

Now that summer is in full swing we all know that really means, it's wedding season! Chances are if you're 24 or over, you'll be attending at least two weddings this year. Being a wedding guest has its own list of complications, from finding a gift, dealing with travel arrangements, awkward conversations with guests you don't know or wish you avoid, and of course planning on what to wear.

Based on the wedding date, location, and invitation, you can determine the proper dress code. But if you're still unsure, it's best to just ask the bride or groom. It's better to ask than to be sorry and come over or under dressed.

Here are general DOS and DON'TS

1. DON'T wear white, silver, cream, or any color similar to white, It's just bad taste. Let the bride have her day.
2. DO think ahead about the location and weather when it comes to your shoes and fabric of the dress. You don't want to wear heavy fabric to an outdoor July wedding nor a light and airy dress to a winter wedding.
3. Speaking of shoes, DO find fabulous and comfy heels so you can dance all night without getting painful blisters!
4. Leave the cleavage baring dresses at home. DON'T outsex or outdo the bride but that doesn't mean you can't show off your toned arms or legs. Dress tastefully and if you're unsure, then it's best pick something else.
5. You DON'T need to run out and buy a whole new outfit for every wedding, unless you want to. As long as majority of the party hasn't seen you in that dress, then go ahead a rock what's already in your closet. If you only have one wedding 'type' outfit and its been seen before and can't afford to buy a new one then try changing up your heels, accessories, and hair style for a new look.






Let's Hang Out!!!


Tyric said...

Happy fourth!
Nice tips, I agree 100% with you when you say do not wear white to a wedding. I'm sure the bride wouldn't like that lol
xoxo, Ty

Sam said...

Love this post, i also did a wedding guest post,lol. Your do's and don'ts are perfectly on key. Love the different looks you suggested. In our weddings, we usually have to dress quite formally in some type of evening dress or gown, its fun but sometimes it's nice to dress down a little as well.

Nee said...

hey sweety! how are things? hope you're doing well:)

those sets are amazing! it's been years that i've been to a wedding! but in august i'm going to attend one again:)) it's a vietnamese wedding, so the dresscode is kinda different. i didn't know about the rule of not wearing white for too long... so at the last wedding i wore a white shirt:S hope that wasn't to bad haha

lots of love & enjoy weekend xx

Emmett Katherine said...

I have a wedding this fall, I haven't even started thinking of what i'm wearing - guess I should get on that! like the outfits you've featured here :)

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