Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Currently Obsessed - Prada F/W 2013

I recently saw the video promotion for Prada's F/W 2013 collection and I was super happy and then super sad because I knew there's no way in hell I could ever afford any of the pieces. Nonetheless, it's still exciting to drool over the vintage inspired line. I just adore the feminine style of the coats with a defined waist and a flared bottom, the bold lip, cute belts, and fur cuffs (only if it's not real fur)! The only thing I'm not obsessed over is the wet hair look. I never got that appeal, what's so great about looking like you were running late and didn't have enough time to blow dry your hair??

Prada FW 2013 

 Prada fw 2013

Prada FW 2013
 Prada FW 2013
 Prada FW 2013

Prada FW 2013 
prada fw 2013
Malaika Firth for Prada FW 2013/  Campaign FW 2013
Prada FW 2013/  Campaign FW 2013

Prada fw 2013
All photos via courtesy of Prada

 Which look is your favorite?

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Sam said...

Love the fabrics and silhouettes used in this amazing collection! thanks so much for stopping by!


Bahh!!! Why can't I view the pictures? :/


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