Friday, July 5, 2013

First BB now CC

Last year BB creams hit the U.S. beauty market so fast and became an intensely popular foundation replacement. Now there's CC creams and honestly I was confused. I did a little research and can now break down the differences between the two popular beauty creams.

CC stands for color control and is a more advanced blendable coverage for uneven skin tones and dark spots. The non oily tinted moisturizers are nourishing to the skin and are another great option instead of too heavy foundation. Like BB creams, most CC creams include SPF, are lightweight, and come in different shades for all skin tones. I'm not sure I would go out a buy CC cream because the BB creams do an all ready pretty good of a job for uneven skin coverage but if uneven skin and trouble spots are a true problem then I suggest trying it out.

So now we know what the hell CC creams are and I'm already starting to wonder what DD creams will do, because there will be DD creams.


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Milu Sosa said...

Thanks for sharing! honestly I didn't know what CC meant! and I'm also wondering what DD is! lol
I'm following you on facebook and bloglovin! I hope you follow me back to keep in contact.

Sam said...

Hi sweety, i was also confused at the launch of the CC creams, I found it too similar to BB creams, thanks for clearing things up.I appreciate your visit, hope you're having a great weekend hun!

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