Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FEED USA + Target

As a huge fan of Target I was so thrilled to read about Target's latest collaboration. No it's not with a fashion designer but with FEED USA. With every purchase of the line, a certain number of meals will be provided to children and families in America. Hot damn, where's my shopping cart? It's time to get some new clothes and home decor pieces and do my part in helping in feeding my fellow Americans!

What I like about this collection is the Americana rustic urban feel. I'm talking chambray tops, basic soft tees, rope bracelets, charm necklaces, baseball caps, plaid and polka dots, cute baby onsies, and of course lots of pieces in red, white, and blue.

The collection also has lots of home pieces which I adore! We're seeing throw pillows, candles, pencil holders, plates, water bottles, cookie cutters, bake wear (love the navy and white polka dot one!), children's bike, coasters, iPhone cases, tote bags, dish towels, and so much more!

Let's Hang Out!!!


Emmett Katherine said...

it's always nice when a company gives back :)

Em K

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Sam said...

Always great to hear about fashion with a purpose, i really like this idea. I hope you are able to find a similar midi skirt and bustier top!


I absolutely love Target, and it's so great to see that they've got a great Corporate Social Responsibility policy with their clothing line. I wish I was in America to contribute, these clothes aren't actually half bad.

And I'm SO glad to find someone else who went through what I'm currently going through! Can you give me some liquid diet ideas???


Sabrina T said...

nice post dear <3

Gail J said...

love everything!

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