Thursday, January 3, 2013

How To Winterize Your Hair

The holidays may be over but winter is here to stay. As much as I enjoy the snow, my hair doesn't enjoy the harsh wind and dry air. The ice cold air zaps moisture from our strands, creates annoying fly aways, and embarrassing frizziness. Winter's other culprit is the artificial heat we crank up to protect us from the cold. All the humidifiers and heaters add to our lackluster and damage prone mane.

Here are some great tips that will bring back your shine, tame frizziness and fly aways, and bring back moisture to your stands.

Listen to your momma, don't go out with wet hair. I'm not saying this to prevent a cold but heading outside with damp hair can lead to breakage. Wet hair will freeze outside which leads to wimpy damage prone mane. You could either take a shower at night or wake up a little bit earlier and blow dry. Just make sure to protect your hair before you blow dry.

Heat Protection, if you blow dry or straighten your hair regularly, think about investing in ceramic and ionic tools. These tools heat hair more evenly and quicker so you won't need to expose your stands to more heat. Ionic tools helps prevent future damage by neutralizing the electric charge of already damaged hair (fancy science, huh?).

Deep Condition, Deep condition (with a mask) your hair once a week to help tame fly aways and lock in moisture. Also swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for moisture rich products.

Trim it up, getting your hair regularly trimmed prevents ugly split ends which are more obvious in winter.

Go Light, ease up on the products you use whether it's hairspray or mousse. Dry cool air makes it harder for hair to be managed and if you overdo the products, you might look like a wet head all day.With that being said, stay protected with a travel sized bottle of smoothing cream to help tame random fly aways.

Let it shine, I've noticed my hair color and shine dulls quickly in the winter. To bring back the shine and rich color, use products meant for colored hair.

Not just an accessory, have you thought of using silk? Silk scarfs and pillow cases can help combat static and breakage. Replace your cotton pillow case with a silk once and before you put on your hat, cover your hair with a silk scarf. The scarf will act as an armor to your hat's material and dry air.

What tricks do you use to protect your hair?
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Le Petit Plastique said...

Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

Filipa said...

Great tips! My hair is really weird these days. I need to buy a new hair conditioner :D

Sam said...

Thanks dear, these tips are brilliant, I have just recently learnt the wonders of leave-in masque/conditioner and it really works!

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