Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Wear The Right Blazer For Your Body

The right blazer is magic and can transform your body faster than weeks at the gym. Wearing the best blazer for your body can slim down your middle, elongate your body, and create curves. When paired with a wonderful high quality and well fitted skinny jeans, the blazer can be your best friend!

A blazer which hits just below your hips and bottom is slimming and elongates your torso. Pair the blazer with an always slimming dark wash skinny jean.

A multicolored, like black and white, blazer that cuts right at the hip allows for a slimming effect in the midsection. A white blazer with black lapels allows for the eyes to focus on the lapels instead of your middle.

Feminine details, vivid colors, and fun patterns add curves and take away from your boyish figure. Keep your skinny jeans simple.


Sam said...

I have a bit of a blazer addiction right now so this post comes at the best it bad that I would want ALL 2, they're gorgeous.

Joanna K. said...

love your blog!!

Lauren said...

I love blazers! They go with everything and the styles they are making with them are so fab. xo

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