Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 Ways To Be Happy

In college I took a course, Positive Psychology, in which we studied a range of topics including optimism, relationships, gratitude, savoring, wealth, and most importantly happiness. We discussed what is happiness, how does it last and what factors effect it. I ran across a little article from Apartment Therapy titled, '10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home' and some of the tippets are directly from studies in the psychology field of Positive Psychology.

I'd like to take a mini break from fashion and beauty and write about our home lives and happiness. Here are a few tips I was very excited to read about and think we all should give a try.

  •  Make Your Bed: it seems silly but this simple and easy 3 minute task has a positive impact on your daily happiness and productivity. Bed making has been called a keystone habit because that one habit leads to other habits like doing the dishes or having the kids make their bed and pick up their room. After all, a somewhat clean home allows me to relax and smile, does it for you?
  • One Line Gratitude Journal: this activity was part of 100s of positive psychology studies and the results were astounding, Those who kept a daily gratitude journal felt happier and for a longer period of time than those who did other happiness induced activities. Reflecting on what is good in your life helps puts your mind in a more positive place. It might be tough at first but the benefits are amazing! 
  • Call at least one friend or family member a day: the call doesn't have to last long, a short catch up chat is all it takes. We're social beings and being in contact with those we love helps lower our stress level and makes us feel important. Texting and emails can't replace a phone call so learn from your mom and pick up that phone!
There are more wonderful tips you can read in the article here!

Have you heard of positive psychology?
Do you do some of these activities already?

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