Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red, Green, And Gold

With only 3 days until Christmas, I'm wearing more traditional holiday colors and patterns. It's an easy way to get into the spirit. You've seen my chunky green sweater before. To play up the classic Christmas colors, I wore a red thrifted collared top underneath the sweater along with red and gold heart earrings, a gold ring, red flats, and my favorite ripped jeans. 

My favorite accessory is my chubby hubby JellyBelly. Ladies, isn't he sexy? I mean look at those little white chocolate dipped paws. Oh my goodness!

P.S. I'm shopping around for a new camera so I can retire my tired out iPhone camera. If you have suggestions on a reasonably priced one, perfect for bloggers, please write in your suggestions! Your opinions matter a great deal to me.


Sam said...

Hi Danielle! I like how yoke incorporated Christmas colours into your cute outfit, the earrings are so pretty. I bought a mini Nikon I think its one of the S3 models, it takes good pics and very reasonably priced, and it comes in fun colours too.

V said...

I;m very holiday inspired, wearing my Christmas brooches and colors.


Shubana Koss said...

I have a Canon Rebel which i'm still figuring out lol but IFB posted their recommendations for bloggers, I think it's worth checking out :)

Shubana x Love, Shushu

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