Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide #1: Your Best Friend Who's Always There For You No Matter What

I'm thrilled to begin my month long Gift Guide feature. I'll be sharing specific collages filled with gift ideas and inspiration for the special people in your lives. What's special about this feature is that all the items are $100 and less.

The first guide is dedicated to all of our best girl friends who know us more than we know ourselves. The friend who can make us laugh and not make us feel guilty about downing that pint of Ben & Jerry's. She may have a busy life filled with kids, a man, a job, and a never ending list of errands but she makes time for a phone call or a skype session. Yes, that girl in your life.


A Long Dinner For Only You Two. No cell phones, no tag-a-long kids or boyfriends. Just two best friends enjoying a leisurely dinner and wonderful company.

 An one hour massage gift certificate. A gift like this will show that you care about her well-being and want to help melt away the stress, even if for one hour.

Treat her to a gift card to her favorite manicure and pedicure salon. She might not treat herself often as she should but she'll have you! Go together and make it a girls' thing for the both of you.

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