Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucky Birthday Girl

Wow, I had an amazing birthday. I was able to visit my family, eat yummy savory tacos, devour the sweet chocolaty cookie cake, and won a two night get-away to Foxwoods Casino Grand Pequot Hotel!  I entered Jammin' 107.7's  giveaway and on Thursday we were invited to Foxwoods' High Roller for drinks, free food, a free game of bowling, and the chance to win the Pack Your Bags giveaway. Next day, we packed our bags, went to High Rollers, and we WON! They called my name, pictures were taken, and we were quickly shuffled into our deluxe room. We stayed that Friday and Saturday night and it was a blast, I even took a long hot bath and it was heaven. We also were given $150 in two gifts cards to the two hottest bars in Foxwoods and two complementary games of bowling.

On Saturday, we went back to my Grandma's for the family get together (only 20 mins away) and it was lovely like always. Johnny gave me my favorite perfume (is he a secret VintageDanielle reader?) and I also received a fabulous can't-wait-to-watch-in-marathon-form I Love Lucy DVD set featuring all nine seasons and tons of bonus material. I'm truly such a lucky girl to have won that giveaway and have family that really cares and loves me. Okay, enough of the gushy mush Brady Bunch love crap. I promise I'd take pictures and here they are

Winners with Miss L - radio personality
Grand Pequot Lobby
Deluxe room

My favorite part of the room
Favorite kind of "cake"
Late night dinner - taste so good!

Wearing my new dress

Johnny, all smiles and red eyed!

Have you ever had a Birthday that was just awesome?
What makes a birthday special for you?


Sam said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweety, sounds like you had an amazing one! And Congratulations on winning! So exciting, the hotel room looks so luxurious. And lucky you to receive such lovely gifts too! You look great!

Audrey Allure said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounded like an amazing time :)

Anonymous said...

yay, how lovely .. it's always great to spend some time with the family! Happy Birthday wishes once again, sweets! xo

Emmett Katherine said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! It looks like you had such a great day. Awesome you won a trip too, you must have wanted to pinch yourself :) Johnny sounds like such a sweet guy, he knows you so well he got you something you wanted without you telling him!

Also haha because of the first sentence I think I might have to make tacos for dinner. Lol

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