Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day (in the U.S) is on Sunday May 12th. Those blessed with a mother or a mother figure in their life can make this day extra special and less stressful by planning just a little bit ahead. So, instead of running to Walgreen's for a last minute gift, think about what she would really love or wouldn't get herself (if that special gift is from Walgreen's, hell ya!). In fact, your Mother's Day present doesn't have to a be a thing at all. Spending true quality time together doing an activity could be just the perfect gift for the both of you, especially if carving time away is difficult.

Here's my little list of simple, chic, and sweet gifts for your mom. I hope you'll find some inspiration here.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1 Help mom protect her forever comforting eyes and keep her looking chic in this simple forever in style straw banded fedora.

2 A gold tone slinky chain necklace is a classic wardrobe staple. It goes with practically everything, every event, and your mom will be wearing it for years to come.

3 Treat your mom to a pair of high quality aviator shades that she might not get herself. Now if she's incline to lose her shades then get a few pairs of lesser quality but still fabulous sunglasses.

4 This is what I meant earlier about a mother's day gift not being a thing. Suggestions? Maybe a trip to a spa, get your nails done together, an afternoon at a local bookstore and cafe, attend a free lecture and then grab a bite and talk, go hiking or try out a new bike trail. If you and your mom are more open minded, may I suggest attending a tarot card or psychic reading, take a cooking (or whatever type) class or series of classes together. Whatever you do, be ENGAGED! Talk to her, not at her, and leave the elevator talk at the door. Get to know the woman behind the mom title, I bet you'll learn a great deal about your mom.

5 This elderflower and lime jar candle smells heavenly and its scent is perfect for spring/summer. I love the cute little jar it is in and it can be reused once the wax is cleaned out.

6 Is your mom's wallet or purse getting tattered and worn out? Surprise her with a new one, in her style, of course, and she'll be a happy woman. I know I put off buying purses and wallets because no.1 I'm lazy but no.2 because it seems like a chore.

7 Yummy! These Charbonnel Et Walker Marc De Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles are divine! Sure at $24 they might be a bit pricey but isn't your mom worth it? Walk pass the traditional and boring boxes of chocolate and head to these truffles or a more speciality chocolate treat for mom. She'll likely never buy these for herself but if you do, ohhh you'll get major daughter points!If mom isn't a chocolates fan (which is weird but that's okay) maybe a lovely Edible's Arrangement.

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Zobia said...

Great gift guide! I definitely see some things for my Mommy! :)

Sam said...

What a lovely dedication to mothers day, I almost can never decide what to but, thanks for sharing these great ideas! Wishing you a great and productive week ahead hun!

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