Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week! I can't wait to dig in into some yummy stuffing, cranberry, and creamy mashed potatoes with gravy, yum. This year, Johnny and I will be hosting our first Thanksgiving. It will only be the four of us, the smaller the better for the first time. Please wish us luck!

For those traveling for the holiday to see family, friends, or see your In-Laws, it can be stressful finding the perfect outfit. What you wear depends on who you'll be seeing and the atmostphere of the dinner. I've created four completely different looks to accomodate each type of Thanksgiving dinner gathering. I hope you'll find some inspiration in the outfit that's situation best fits yours.

Thanksgiving with Friends

Thanksgiving with Your Family

Thankgiving with His Family

Thanksgiving with His Conservative Family

Which situation best fits yours? 
Do you know what you'll be wearing


For those hosting their dinner (like me), I've found a few fun and simple recipes that'll make you the hostess with the mostess

Hosting Tips
  • Be prepared: plan the menu early and have all ingredients and supplies ready days before. You can also make a few sidedishes the day before and heat them up before dinner.
  • Ambiance: play soft music in the background and light a few candles for a festive and beautiful lighting.
  • Simple: Don't overdo the drinks and sidedish options but keep in mind your guests' allergies and general likes. 
  • Mix and Match: It's OK if the glasses and plates don't match. Honestly, no cares. Everyone is way more into the food. 
  • Seating: Make sure everyone has a place to sit and relax before and after dinner. Try to arrange seating to allow for organic conversations.
  • Drinks: keep drinks away from the kitchen and into a seperate area that way your guest won't have to enter a busy and crowded kitchen to refill.
  • Set Up: Have the table all set up before your guest arrive. When dinner starts, you won't have to find an extra spoon or knife for your guest.
  • Kids: stock up on kid friendly drinks and snacks. Let them have their own mini table and kid friendly area to hang out filled with a couple of board games. Hide all your breakables and valued pieces.
  • Afterwards: Fresh warm coffee and maybe a fun boardgame is a perfect way to cap off the evening.

For The Guests
  • Ask if you can bring a side dish, pie, or wine.
  • It's always polite and the nice to offer to help set up before and clean afterwards.
  • Please arrive at or after the time the host has announced. Arriving early or too late can throw off the host.
  • It's also polite to stay at least an hour after dinner unless your travel plans or sleepy children say otherwise.
  • Sending a thank you card goes a long way and helps the host feel appreciated.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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