Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How To Find The Right Coat For You

Coat season is upon us and I'm sure there are some of you who are dreading its arrival. It's a tricky situation when you want to stay warm without looking unshapely and blob like. Every woman's body is beautiful and we need our warm, breathable, and wind protected coats to show us off! Each coat picked out by me is $250 and under. By shopping for our body types we can be feel good and warm about the next few frigid months.


Athletic (Slim, straight shape)
A belt and clean lines will help define your waist and add curves. A belted peplum and a double breasted option will be magical.

Hourglass (Tapered waist, bust and hips are almost equal size)
Go for a bright coat that flatters, not flattens your assets. Try a single-breasted option with a skirted bottom and a thick belt to show off your waistline.

Petite (Small frame)
Pick a coat that won't swallow you up, the length shouldn't go pass your hips.

Apple Shape (Thicker mid section, broader shoulders than hips, slim legs )
A coat that doesn't cling to your bigger measurements works best. Look for a coat with a A-line design and fun embellishments near the top.

Pear Shape (Large bottom than top)
A straight shape coat with either a big statement collar or dramatic decolletage will draw eyes to your top half while balancing your gorgeous bottom curves.

Tailored solid styles with a linear shape, a V- neck, and/or a single breast option will slim your figure while keeping you warm and toasty.

A hip length or longer asymmetrical cut will wrap the body, hugging you in all the right places for total flattery.

Short Torso
A hip length coat like a blazer style is super flattering and will elongate your torso. Try a coat with an above of the waist toggles and buttons. The more space between them the longer you'll appear.

Short Legs
A hem that hits below the hip and a belt that ties above your natural waistline will create a higher waist and therefore longer legs.

Broad Shoulders
Softer oversized lapels are more comfortable and graceful. Oversized sleeves or cocoon shaped coats with wider sleeves are the trend this season and will work wonders for you!

More Tips
Color - Avoid predictable colors like black or gray.Try branching to a gorgeous emerald green, cream, oxblood or your favorite color. 

Accessorize - Wearing matching undies and bra is usually a happy accident but maybe we can make our accessories match on purpose? Invest in two sets of accessories to match your coat. I define an outerwear accessory set as: umbrella, gloves, scarf, and boot. 

Small Spaces, Biggest Chill - Walk outside and after a few minutes the chilly air will find its way to reach your body through the small gaps of your coat via your neck, arm openings, and the gaps between buttons. Keep this in mind when shopping. Make sure all of the small gaps can be closed if possible.

KISS - Keep it simple stupid sweetie. Coats with buttons, zippers, and belts can be a hassle to take off and on, especially if you're in a hurry. Speaking from experience, it's a pain in the ass when I'm rushed outside and am still trying to zip out my coat before the cold slaps my body.


jamie-lee said...

What a great guide for coats - and you are so right about if there's space you'll have a bigger chill. I have a dockers style coat and it's quite oversized and roomy, no where near as warm as my last woolen trench was!

Sam said...

Thanks for this wonderful and useful guide to finding the right jacket, these are some amazing picks but my fav has to be the checkered one under the Hourglass

The Fashion Diaries said...

I'm in love with yellow coats, or white ones! :)
there's a new post on my blog xoxo

Emmett Katherine said...

it is coat season already isn't it? Finding the right coat is a big deal because it's something you wear everyday so you want to feel good in it and also have it keep you warm!

I love the ruffely coat on the left in the hourglass section - so pretty :)

Coco Draws said...

Love this post. :)

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