Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What To Wear - Summer Weddings Pt. 2

I hope part 1 of the series was helpful for you! For part 2. I focused on the Black Tie/Evening weddings as well as the tricky Destination wedding. Part one of the series can be viewed here. I've always loved a well designed Black Tie wedding because it really is the one of the few times I can get all dressed up and fancy-fied and see all the men in handsome well fitted suits. Dreamy!

For destination weddings, I suggest finding clues for what to wear through the location itself. Determine the venue, the climate, and weather for the special day. Looking at the guest invitation card can also offer up some clues. Is the card printed on heavy cream paper and very pretty? Or is it on a lighter weight card and simple print is used? Contacting the bridal party, NOT DAYS OR A COUPLE WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING, will be useful. They will know exactly what is expected and might be able to offer a couple of ideas. I would rather call up the maid of honor and ask than rather be nervous and unsure of myself. There's nothing worse than being too under or over dressed.

Here are a couple of wedding guest outfit inspirations.

Earrings Nail Polish Lipstick Clutch Dress

Earrings Clutch Heels Ring Dress

Do you have a staple outfit you wear to weddings?
What do you prefer: Black Tie or Casual?


Sam said...

I very much prefer black tie weddings, and most of the ones that we attend here are like that where people even wear ball gowns and the like. The destination wedding dress is so pretty, great colour.

Ally said...

That purple dress is great! I prefer a a mix between casual and black tie, but I've never actually been to a wedding yet so I don't really know what I'm talking about haha.

Sandy a la Mode said...

that second dress is just FABULOUS!!!

V said...

I love your choice for the destination wedding the dress is beautiful.
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Ivana said...

I love them both, they are both equally fabulous! Maybe I have a slight preference for the second one, because I'd love to have that dress in my closet immediately :) Great styling tips!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I always go for casual, at any occasion.

SomeKindOfStyle said...

wow, great style love the dress of course! xo

Dancing Branflake said...

Lovely lovely! Makes me want to go to a wedding so bad! I've never been to a black tie one, so I'd choose that!

Fashion Tales said...

I actually went to a very casual destination beach wedding about a month ago. I prefer black tie-esque or somewhere in-between, but it the very casual one turned out to be quite a lot better than I expected.

sonia de macedo said...

Love this! I have a wedding to go to in Bali so this was perfect! Thanks!

Have a lovely day!

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Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by today hun..Have a wonderful weekend!

CourtStar @ StarSystemz said...

I love the black tie look and black tie events because its a chance to wear that sophisticated yet sexy chic dress!

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! Love it all, great style tips :)

ox from NYC!


Amy Shaughnessy said...

Such a fun post! I love the dresses in both looks! I have a dress that I bought for a friend's wedding a few months ago so now I see it as my 'wedding' dress.


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Nee said...

i'm in love with the blue dress! and i'd really like to attend a wedding again... but none of my friends are getting married now. well at least i know in april 2013 there is my friend's one and i don't have to decide yet:)

lots of love xx

harper matiko said...

I definitely prefer casual weddings. I think it allows more people to dress to their personality, because not all people can afford the "perfect" gown. I've also catered and attended many weddings and have found that the more casual weddings are the most fun; more dancing and more drinking.

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