Saturday, May 5, 2012

Adele's Style

Today is Adele's 24th birthday! If you don't know who she is (are you living under a rock?) she's a famous British singer and songwriter who has won six Grammys for her two albums. Her popular hits include, "Someone like you", "Chasing pavements", "Rumor has it", and "Set fire to the rain". I adore Adele for her sassy wonderful personality, brilliant talent, and her sense of style. I would describe her style has 1960s meshed with bold statement jewelry. She's seen often wearing black, classic makeup and sporting a big teased hairdo.  I love her classic look!

You've got to check out the video below where she's being interviewed by the equally hilarious Chelsea Handler and you'll get why her personality is just fabulous


What's your opinion on Adele's style? And Talent?


Ma Petite Lima said...

Love it!!!

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice! <3

Ana Carneiro said...

She's got great style! I love her voice, thought I don't always like her lyrics..

Anonymous said...

she is truly amazing..pity she is going to have a break from music! xo

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