Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arizona and Nevada 2

Here is part two of the Nevada and Arizona trip (part one). Johnny and I's 7th year anniversary took place while on vacation. In fact we were in Las Vegas on our anniversary (May 25). Once we had gotten settled into our hotels we ran off to the famous strip (it was the first time in Vegas for the both of us). We walked for so long that my feet still hurt! We visited Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef aquarium and later dined at the Sugar Factory. The day was just wonderful, filled with sharks, sting rays, creamy berry milkshakes, and amazingly good mac n' cheese balls. I recommend everyone who gets the chance to try the Sugar Factory. It's a lot like Max Brenner's, great food, a bit pricey, but did I mention the amazing food and desserts? They even a jolly rancher and smores martini, need I say more? Anyways, enough of the chatter and on with the photos.

On our way!
Crazy sand storm
Vegas Paris' Eiffel Tower
Vegas' Paris Restaurant
Infamous Vegas' Paris Hot Air Balloon
Serving beer late morning. It IS Vegas after all!

Reminds Me Of Disney Castle

Pretty Colorful Windows
Creepy Large Fish
Piranhas! Watch Your Fingers
Just Keep Swimming
Love The Silhouette
White Alligator
Fashionable Polka Dot Sting Ray
Johnny And His Berry Milkshake

My Milkshake (and it brings the all the boys to the yard)

 The 3rd and final part of the trip will be available tomorrow! 
 p.s. I'm a huge user of Instagram and many of the photos from the trip can be found through my instagram profile. Feel free to follow me @retrobelle24, see you all there!


Nee said...

oh wow this milkshake looks awsome and it's so huge!!:) yummi <3

SomeKindOfStyle said...

my heart is aching ..really wanna get to Vegas some day soon! xo

larissa said...

Hope you had a great time!

Sam said...

Hi doll, wiow this looks like a marvelous trip...I am trying to catch up while I'm on route, so glad it turned out superb!

skin care shop said...

That drink must be very tasty. I love to drink milk shakes. All the pictures are so lovely.

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