Monday, January 16, 2012

Remembering Our Resolutions (ROR)

Sorry this Monday post is a bit late. I've been with my family for the extended weekend and haven't been able to get to the computer. But alas, I'm here and ready to go! Mondays is about Remembering Our Resolutions (ROR) link party with Autumn Orange.

Please visit the page, New Year Resolutions (up top), to read the latest progress towards completing my 2 goals: lose 15lbs by July and go swing dancing at least 1x/month


Dancing Branflake said...

I love the swing dancing part. How fun!

Sam said...

I didn't even know there was a Zumba Wii game! You're so right about being up to you to change plans. And you should spoil yourself every once in a while with dessert ;)

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