Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect

Hi Dolls! I hope your Sunday is peaceful and relaxing or if you're like me, crazy, productive, and filled with thoughts like these, "Why do I procrastinate?!? I should've done this days ago, I'm stressed!".

Anywho, I have some real exciting news to share with all of you. I have signed up with Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect. Now what does that me for you? Well, now you can a few options for following and keeping up with VintageDanielle! Pretty ah-maz-ing, huh?

On the left side column ---> you have 4 options

  1. Follow by Email - get a new email personally sent to you whenever a new post is up
  2. Follow on Twitter - Keep up with latest posts, outfit of the week posts, chat with me directly, and peek inside my world
  3. Bloglovin-a free website and mobile app that shows you the latest blog postings by us and your other favorite blogs. You can also search other blogs and spend hours having fun there!
  4. Google friend connecter - for those with a google account (it's free) or those who also have blogger blogs, it allows you to see the latest blog postings on your Blogger dashboard and Google profile homepage
I hope these options meet your needs!


Anonymous said...

fabulous, just found your sweets and lovely Blog! but cannot see the Google Friend Widget to follow! :/ xo

VintageDanielle said...

Thanks doll for letting me know!. I'm gonna see what I can do to make sure that it is always visiable. If you want to follow through Google you can: go to your Blogger dashboard and add me under the reading list. I hope that helps :)

Andy Santana said...

Passando para conhecer o seu blog,

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