Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snuggly Sweaters

The upcoming holiday season has me giddy for vintage inspired sweaters. Sweaters take me to the warm fuzzy holiday memories and allows me to hide my bloated belly (from holiday parties, family dinners, and too much eggnog). Although I have a deep love for sweaters, I really only have a couple in my closet; I'm a hypocrite and I am sorry. One day this will change, like when I get a real full time job after college, haha. Until then, I'm quiet comfortable with just pressing my nose against the shops' windows and dreaming.

These snuggly fabulous sweaters are all from the cute-as-a-button online store, ModCloth.

Holiday concert sweater Modcloth

Ped X-ing sweater Modcloth

Open your heart sweater Modcloth

Sparks between us Modcloth
Wild oats cardigan Modcloth
Evening onset sweater Modcloth
Fireside fashion cardigan Modcloth

You oughta gnome sweater Modcloth
Stormy sweater Modcloth

What is your favorite sweater from your closet? Mine is a chunky knit green sweater from Old Navy.


Anonymous said...

what cute collection, really love the 'open your heart' one! so lovely! x

Sam said...

I also don't own many sweaters...maybe because I haven't found any decent looking ones ;)
That's why I need that striped second one! Lurv it


Goodness, such pretty & cozy looking sweaters -LOVE!! Such great picks! Hope you're having a fabulous week. xo veronika

Jo said...

I especially love the gnome jersey! <3 What a beauty!

Lost in the Haze

Emmett Katherine said...

That wild oats sweater is really cute, I may have to check it out. I love sweaters too but by the end of winter I'm sick of them!

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