Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yay or Nay - Denim Skirts

Working with J.Crew this summer has allowed me to find out what popular and what people are really into. I've noticed a big spike on orders of denim skirts, some cute, some not so much. Whenever I think of denim skirts, I can't help but picture the 1990s and ugly below-your-knee long denim skirts. I personally didn't like them but then I realized how wrong I was! Well, okay half wrong. I still hate the super long denim skirts but what I am growing to love are the knee length, mini, and high waisted denim skirts! You can dress them up girly and feminine or go the complete opposite with edgy 90s grunge! A good quality skirt will help create a hourglass figure as well as offer tummy control. 

My Favorite Looks

My Favorite Skirts

Street Style
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What are your thoughts?
Yay or Nay? 
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Sam said...

Im really impressed with this transition denim skirts have taken. If you asked me ten years ago I would've said no but seeing these adorable picks, I have to go with yes!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i say yay to denim skirts and vests!!

Sandy a la Mode

Sam said...

Thanks for your great comment on my last post! Happy Friday!


Really depends on the silhouette, but generally I'd say nay. I'm really not a fan of denim to begin with, and in fact, I've only recently started wearing jeans again (since my teenage years), and I still can't get myself to think that denim jackets look chic, but hey, I'm getting there. Denim skirts is just too extreme of western wear for me, and trust me, when you live in a 'cowboy' city, it gets tiring!


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