Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming up so soon (Sunday June 16)! Finding the right gift for pop can be really hard and I'm sure he can do without another tie or golf club, am I right? This year, take a moment to think about what Dad likes, what makes him happy, and what he might not get himself but would truly enjoy.

1. Best quality navy gingham shirt; perfect for work and parties.
2. Is your dad still wearing those tacky embarrassing 'dad jeans'? Help the poor guy out by buying him a couple of pairs of classic well fitted jeans. He'll never go back!
3. Soft and comfy PJs are amazing and your dad deserves a pair during those rare relaxing moments.
4. Most men have only one watch they wear in and out but why not offer more variety.
5. Artwork of his passions are a long lasting gift and you're dad will always think of you when he glaces at his piece (a bonus for those dealing with sibling rivalry).
6. Cute but subtle cuff links.
7. Fig and Yarrow Aftershave, soothing, reparative & pore-minimizing spiced infusion of bay leaf, star anise, allspice, juniper berry & cardamom with deep & warming notes of balsamic vanilla, earthy vetiver & leatherish sandalwood. Not only does it smell out of this world but it has healing properties like anti-inflammatory and astringent with the added ability to heal skin damage and stop any bleeding from nicks, calendula is also an exceptional skin healer, protector and soother stimulating collagen synthesis and cell renewal for more vital skin.

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Sam said...

Hi doll, how are you? Great gifting ideas, I like the gingham shirt and the very smart watch.

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