Friday, February 8, 2013

Big News

You may have noticed that the blog hasn't been active this week, my bad. I've been up in Connecticut, visiting doctors, my orthodontist, and of course family. Why? If you remember I wrote about my personal self esteem issues and where it stemmed from as well as the physical issues that came along with Nager Syndrome (sorry, can't find that post for the life of me). My BIG news is that on March 13 (tentative date), I'll be undergoing reconstructive surgery which will help relieve my jaw aches, headaches, and allow me to smile with ease and overtime, more confidence. This isn't my first reconstructive surgery but I'm hoping it'll be my last.

Now that is out in the open, let's move on to next week and what I have planned. I'll be writing about what to wear for Valentine's Day, up and coming Spring trends, fabulous new nail polish I'm obsessed with, and whatever else pops up. Until then, check out the belated outfit of the week.


Arianna Luisa said...

Hope you're fine dear:)

Elsa Hurtado said...

Just came across your blog and am now following.
Looking forward to your future posts!

Mix and Match the F word

Sam said...

Hi dear, I am so happy to hear this progression for you. Anything that will alleviate the pain will be helpful. I hope that everything goes well sweety,all the best!

the cult of style said...

Good luck with the surgery! I'm so excited that you will be soon feeling better AND smiling more!
Thanks for all the support on The Cult of Style


Emmett Katherine said...

good luck with surgery and all that goes with it. all the best,


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