Monday, December 5, 2011

Classic Holiday Movies

Nothing helps me more get into the holiday spirit like watching old Christmas movies. I live for the evenings when I get to grab my snowman cup filled with eggnog, grab a couple or 20 (don't judge me!) warm gooey chocolate chip cookies, and being snuggled on the couch with Johnny or Jellybelly (both are great cuddlers). I've created a list of what I believe to be the ultimate get-you-in-the-spirit-movies with the classics and the favorite recents.

Did any of these make your list? Tell me the comment section below.


Sam said...

Goodness gracious, I haven't seen any of these, would you believe!

Anonymous said...

aww.. White Christmas is my ultimate classic! and love ELF, so funny! x

thanks for your always so sweets comments on my Blog, sweets! x

jiglycious said...

i love everything about christmas,
and the polar express is my fave from your list


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