Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween- Rockabilly

Halloween is less than two weeks away! Now it really is crunch time for finding or creating those costumes. Previously I talked about costumes inspired by the '60s, this time, I want to talk about costumes inspired by high school, more specifically, you're grandma's high school! I'm thinking vintage cheerleaders, librarians, geeks and nerd, greasers, and the school hop girls, ya dig? Of course, if you want your costume be all bloodied up, that's cool too!

'50s Leopard Print Dress Etsy - alltimeometime

Vintage Letterman Cardigan Etsy - Dronning

Vintage Black Leather Jacket Etsy - MagwoodBoutique

Vintage Varsity Jacket Etsy - dallasvintage
Vintage Cheerleader Outfit Etsy - CreatedandCollected


Sam said...

Lurv the leopard print dress!

two birds said...

the great thing about these costumes is that (for the most part), they can be worn in "real life", too!

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