Friday, September 23, 2011

On Cloud 9 with Vintage Apps

I love my iPhone and all the different types of apps I can download, the free one are extra sweet. I searched for vintage themed or inspired apps and loandbehold, the apps do exist! There are lots of apps that I think are really neat and I want to share them with you, my Vintage Sweethearts!

(F= free)
8mm Vintage Camera (F)
  • Shoots filtered video
  • Styles: '20s, '60s, '70s, siena, sakura, noir, etc. 
Instagram (F)
  • Vintage inspired photo filters
  • Can share with Twitter & Facebook 
 Absolute Vintage (.99) (F is called Absolute Vintage Lite)
  • Create your own oldies portiort picture
  • Time range 1930-1970, use filters
  • Add accessories e.g. glasses, beard, mustache, hairstyles, pipes, cigar, etc. 
  • Share with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr 
VintageScene (1.99)
  • Makes photos look old-school/retro with filters
  • Sepia, grain, darkened edges, distressed papers, etc. 
Halftone (.99)
  • Make photos look like a vintage comic book page
  • Add speech bubbles, narrations, stamps, dot backgrounds, etc. 
Pong '72 (.99)
  • Vintage 1972 version of the arcade game, Pong
  • 3 skill levels
  • 2 player mode on one device
  • Nostalgic sound effects
Pickin' Stix Classic (F)
  • Old fashion game of pickn' stix
  • Pick and choose a stick from a group of intertwined sticks 
PicHunt Vintage Cars (F)
  • Vintage car pictures are side by side, find the 5 differences before the time is up
Retro Pinball (F)
  • Play classic pinball games 
  • 3 classic table options 
Pac-Man (4.99) (F is Pac-Man Lite)
  • Famous Arcade game 
  • Normal, easy, original modes
Classic TV/Film/Radio
Vintage Cartoons (4.99)
  • Watch 100+ classic cartoons
  • Amos and Andy, Might Mouse, Superman, Popeye the Sailor Man, Betty Boop, and more
  • On smartphone, PC, or TV 
Vintage Video: Be Afraid! (.99)
  • Relive the Cold War era with videos from 50s-60s
  • "How to spot a Communist", "How to surive an atomic bomb", "The slippery slope of drug use", and more
Vintage Video: Classic Game Shows (.99)
  • Watch the classic game shows on your smartphone!
  • "What's my line?", "You bet your life", "The price is right", "You asked for it", and more
  • Watch the episodes your parents and grandparents watched and loved 
Vintage Radio Lite (.99)
  • Listen to 1800+ classic vintage radio shows
  • Huge variety of genres e.g. comedy, adventure, science fiction, drama, crime, mystery, etc.
Retro Dialer (.99)
  • Classic rotary dial for your smartphone
  • 14 detailed skins
  • Retro sound effects
Mobeat-Retro Synth (F)
  • A vintage inspired synthesizer that imitate conventional instruments that can create new fun sounds

Hope you enjoy! In the comment section below, what vintage inspired apps are your favorite?

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