Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Colors of Spring 2013 Beauty

So I've covered some of the key fashion trends for this Spring so now let's talk about beauty! This season it's all about experimenting with bright feminine fresh colors like emerald green, teal, poppy, hot pink, coral, stark white, copper, and sheer plum.

The Colors of Spring '13 Beauty

Why These Colors Own Spring

Emerald: It's the IT color of 2013 as declared by Pantone. The vibrant shade looks amazing as nail polish or eyeliner. 

Teal: The gorgeous metallic blue-green color is perfect for eyeliner. It'll add a subtle hint of a twist without going overboard.

Copper/Platinum: Ditch the common gold for a sexier and more mature shade of copper for your eyeshadow. Try pairing copper with a smudgy black liner for a night look. For those with a fair complexion, platinum is a perfection switch up from silver. Keep the rest of your look simple so stay away from shimmery blush or lip gloss and let your eyes stand out. 

Poppy: Sure red lips are a classic but matte poppy lips are lighter switch up. What's great about poppy red is that the shade works well on all skin tones and adds a touch of warm Spring into your look.

Coral/Hot Pink: Two beautiful shades for your lips and cheeks. Coral and hot pink are beauty symbols for Spring and Summer, reminding us of days spent out in the warm sun and blooming flowers. Both colors add a warm glow and the right amount of color to your cute little face.

Opaque White: One of the hottest colors for Spring and Summer is a more sophisticated stark white, perfect for nail polish and subtle lower eyeliner. For your nails, choose a nonstreaky nail polish formula with a shiny finish. 

Sheer Plum: Plum isn't always thought of when you think of Spring beauty but have you tried sheer plum for your cheeks? By lightening up the shade, your cheeks are given a flushed, fresh look.

Which is your favorite color to try?
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